Onion Deep Web | Every Thing You Need To Know About

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Dark Side Of Internet

Onion Deep Web: Today we are going to talk about Deep Dark Web. If you here you surely want to know some deep speaks of the dark internet, let’s face it if you think there is a dark side of the web, then it is true. There is a dark web around you, and you never knew about. Why ? because your government doesn’t want you to know that the dark internet is not always wrong.

Onion Deep Web, deep web, dark internet, dark web, dark side internet, dark web tor, tor web,
   Dark Side Of the Internet

Are You Sure Onion Deep Web Is Darkest Place On the Internet ??

The coin has two faces, and that’s how dark internet also has their two faces one is bad, and another one is good. You read about the dark net that there are illegal things happen, illegal stuff like drug selling, contract killing, human experiments, Child pornography, hacking of banks and celebrities accounts and much more. I’ll elaborate all of this in the next paragraph. But that’s all wrong.

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Deep Web also uses by a journalist; secret agents also use the dark side of the internet for their mission, to stay anonymous and send their data one place to another without getting IP address caught.

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Some Scariest Stories About  Onion Deep Web | creepiest Stories

deep web, dark web, dark internet, hidden web, hidden internet,
Scary Stories about Hidden Web 

Here I am going to share some Scariest and creepiest stories of some guys, which they share on Reddit. Those are very scary if you read them then you don’t want to go in the deep web. Still, want to go, you are one tough guy.

Story Number One: People trying to pass secret notes 

“I was browsing random blogs, Geocities sites, and the like, just going from link to link. Eventually I came upon an odd page – it appeared to be random thoughts from different people, but for the time, it was very well-designed. The messages seemed to be cryptic in nature, like several people trying to pass secret notes. I started through the source, and hidden in the comments of a javascript were various IP addresses” Continue Reading 

Story Number Two: Darkest and Most Hated People On The Earth

“When I was still underage , 14 to be exact, I started to learn and find out about the “deep” web or dark web or whatever. It started out as me being cool because was able to access it or whatever when I showed my friends. Also to look at drug prices on different websites” Continue Reading

Story Number Three: Trying To Make A Quick Buck

“I first learned about the deep web back in grade 10 when this really strange druggy kid in my grade was going on about it. We sat together in English and had a new teacher that wasn’t quite good and didn’t really know how to control the class so the last twenty minutes or so she would” Continue reading

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Hope you enjoy them and feel weird about them, but this is how life works on earth. Stay tuned to us there is more secret about the gadget and this digital world, and we are going to reveal them all till then bye. Don’t forget to share with your weird and creepy friends.



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