Lenovo Launches World’s Thinnest Two-in-One Tablet

lenovo yoga tblet, lenovo yoga two in one tablet

Chinese electronics goods manufacturer Lenovo on Tuesday launched the Yoga Book, the world’s thinnest and lightest two-in-one tablet in India.

Designed for on-the-go users, the Yoga Book is built for mobility while not compromising on productivity.

Lenovo Launches World’s Thinnest Two-in-One Tablet

The Yoga Book is a result of a fresh look at the changing needs of consumers, without being limited by the constraint of fitting these requirements in any particular form factor, the company said.

The Yoga Book is built keeping in mind the trends in computing and mobility needs of the on-the-go consumer, it said.

lenovo yoga tblet, lenovo yoga two in one tablet

It hits the sweet spot between content creation and consumption, thus building on the limitations of a tablet as well as a laptop.

The Yoga Book’s halo keyboard feature weaves software and hardware into one interface, allowing for a typing experience that far surpasses conventional tablets and matches that of physical keyboards.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of notebooks, the Yoga Book’s real-pen accessory allows users to write and draw with pen and paper while instantly digitizing their notes and sketches, the company said.

The Yoga Book’s thin and light design, 13-hour battery life and 360-degree watchband hinge give its user the freedom to write and draw anywhere, matching the mobility of a smartphone and the versatility of a laptop.

The Yoga Book comes with Windows 10 Pro with 4G SIM connectivity & 4GB RAM and will be exclusively available on Flipkart for INR 49,990/-

lenovo yoga tblet, lenovo yoga two in one tablet

“We are glad to offer Yoga Book to our discerning customers through our partnership with Lenovo,” said Adarsh Menon, Vice President – Electronics, Flipkart at the launch event.

The Yoga Book is 9.6mm closed, tapering to 4.05mm at its slimmest edge and is weigh 690 grams (1.52 pounds).

It has a 13-hour battery life and a watchband hinge that folds 360 degrees with a 25.7 cm IPS FHD screen, high-quality sound enhanced with Dolby Audio™ Premium and 64GB of memory.


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