LuckyCrush – Flirt with People Online Without Meeting in Real Life.


In 2019, like it was a premonition, three French co-founders launched a chat site allowing people from all over the world to chat and virtually flirt together through live video chat, without having to meet in real life. This is called LuckyCrush, and during the first Covid lockdown, it recorded +50% registrations as well as a +200% time use per member.

On LuckyCrush, relationships start and end on the site. They are purely ephemeral. The site even prohibits users from sharing personal contact details to make sure it remains safe, anonymous and ephemeral.

What is LuckyCrush:

It’s a new type of live random video chat site for straight adult people. On LuckyCrush, guys are matched with random girls, and girls are matched with random guys, through live video chat. They can chat speaking out loud or write to each other while seeing
each other on webcam.

A simple click on « next » allows changing partners. The chat can last a few seconds or several hours but remains as long as no any of the partners. Click « next ». When one of the partners clicks « next », it instantly ends the chat and connects both users to new random partners. This is not a dating site. It’s just a chat site. It’s purely ephemeral. There is no physical meeting. The flirtation is virtual, starts on the site, and ends on the site. Many people even use it to have naughty chats with strangers, anonymously.

It’s anonymous as:-

A username is the only thing that other members can see and users are free not to show their face on camera. It’s also prohibited to share personal and contact details on the site to make sure it remains safe, ephemeral and anonymous.

Male and female registrations are regulated so that there is always approximately 50% of girls and 50% of guys online at any time. The goal is avoiding guys or girls to wait too much before getting paired up with a partner. In a sense, we can say that it’s « virtual flirting through live video chat with random partners ». We had a 50% increase in registrations during and after the COVID-19 global lockdown. As people couldn’t do it in real life.

Question: Why men are only matched with women and women only matched with men? It may look intolerant toward the LGBT community.

Answer: The current system is optimized for straight people. Through registration regulation, we are trying to have 50% of male and 50% of female members with a maximum probability of having them interested in each other when they are randomly matched. A same-sex match-making process is under study but would probably lead to a dedicated chat site.

The chat site is available from desktop and any mobile device. The URL is There is no need to download any app. It has 1 million members from 100+ countries after only 1 year (created in 2019)

How you start on LuckyCrush:

You just have to select your gender and click « start searching. You can browse a few partners before you are asked to register to continue chatting unlimited.


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