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“A picture is worth a thousand words” – but what if your image is among thousand other photos? 

Social media is lit with memorable images, and if you are not using images in your marketing campaign, then you are already far behind. Visuals and pictures are by far more powerful than words. An image tends to convey an idea or emotion that has a more significant impact on the viewer’s mind. According to a recent survey, social media posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement than a post without pictures. But how do we create captivating images?

Similarly, being one of the most interactive social media platforms, YouTube has subscribers competing for viewership. You film and edit a video and put it up on YouTube. Thousand other videos revolve around the same concept or idea as yours, so how do you differentiate yourself? You would want to encapsulate the essential message captured in the video in one image that boosts your content’s clickability. Here, the thumbnail design is what makes it unique.

So, we are back to where we started. How to create images or thumbnails that drive engagement and attract the right audience and traffic to the video? A thumbnail maker is an answer to what you required for making videos thumbnail and YouTube banners. 

What Makes a Great Thumbnail Creator and Banner Maker App? 

You want to create a thumbnail that catches the audience’s eye. You are looking for something that will make your users click and watch your video, share, and keep waiting for the next exciting post you upload. If you have just started blogging and pressed with time and funds, you may not want to spend a lot of money creating such images. 

The secret to creating catchy and professional looking thumbnails is by having access to tons of templates and design resources, while you only mix and match the samples to suit your needs. To create your own vibrant and professional thumbnail with a thumbnail creator app, you need to consider a few critical criteria.  

Suitable for amateur designers: Certain apps design for expert designers due to its complicated interface. However, not everyone has the required expertise to operate such apps. Hence, it would help if you opt for a thumbnail creator or a banner maker for a YouTube app that anyone with minimal knowledge about design tools can effectively use. 

Suitable for social media marketing: Not all apps are created explicitly for thumbnail or banner designs. Those tools may not have the right features to help you put together a good thumbnail maker for youtube or banner design. Therefore, look for a thumbnail creator geared towards your needs so that you do not spend agonizing hours designing images from an app not suited for thumbnail or banners. 

Smooth app experience: A thumbnail creator app that does not let you design smoothly and consistently can be frustrating. Some apps aren’t efficient enough and may not save the changes you make and are slow to load images. 

Professional templates: This feature might weed out most of the thumbnail creators and banner maker for youtube. Since not all of us are professional designers, creating an image from scratch can consume a lot of time and may not produce sound output. An app loaded with tons of professional and vibrant templates is by far the best choice. 

Multi-purpose app: Using an app that offers a wide range of services would prevent you from the hassle of finding tools for various purposes. Nobody would want to create a banner from an app that does not let you design thumbnails. You can’t use and manage ten apps all at once! No one has that time. So, go for an app that offers a complete solution to your needs. 

Features of an Attractive Thumbnail

Your thumbnail is most likely to contain elements that have pulled out from the video. It may seem like a simple image, but this is what attracts viewership. By setting the right tone and adding vibrant colors to your snapshots from your video can really up to your game. So, let’s take a look at the features that make a perfect thumbnail for YouTube.

Catchy headline: A visitor looking for useful content would browse through hundreds of videos and would click one he finds convincing. So, how do these videos convince? If you search through the most popular channels on YouTube, you will notice that their thumbnails have catchy headlines, which makes it an effective scroll-stopper. A thumbnail creator should be efficient enough to let you add the caption as you like. 

Compelling description: Adding a brief message or story of your video might attract relevant traffic. If you visit the YouTube channels of Newsmakers, you will notice that the thumbnail of their videos mostly has compelling short descriptions aimed at increasing viewership. Add text to your thumbnail that persuades the visitor to click and watch your videos by using an efficient online thumbnail creator. 

Personalize your thumbnails: People tend to trust bloggers who have distinguished identity. Putting up videos as an anonymous user would fail to attract traffic. If you notice, most bloggers have begun adding their pictures in thumbnails as this form of personalization increases the credibility of your content. 

It’s Wrap-Up!

Whether you are an individual or a company, a thumbnail creator or a banner maker for YouTube is the best tool to design social media images. These apps are available as both paid and free versions. Thorough research would help you pick the right tool. 

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