Multifunctional tools for any gadget lover


In this article, we will introduce you to creative multifunctional tools by 3Dsimo Inc.

One of the main products of 3Dsimo Inc. is 3Dsimo Mini.

3Dsimo Mini: handheld workshop offering a number of functions: 3D drawing, soldering, burning and cutting.

3D tool: 3D drawing tool works on the same principle as a 3D printer, but the device is operated by your own hand, so you can easily repair or finish 3D printed or any plastic object (repair water pump, fridge, vacuum cleaner, plastic parts in your car or on your bike). Thanks to easy to set temperature profiles and feeding speed, you are able to use any current and future filament available on the market.

Soldering: this attachment is best for creating new electronic devices and repair of the existing, such as headphones, microphones, 3D printers or any home appliance.

Burning: Burning attachment is a great tool for decorating wood and leather, finishing touches on 3D printed objects (smoothing out imperfections, edges and support removal), or creating your own design on your shoes, backpack, leather belt or other fashion accessories.

Resistance wire cutting: this attachment works on heating up resistance wire, which offers cutting foam materials or plastic board with precision and comfort. A must-have for architects, artists and model builders.

In this video, all the functionality is shown:

Other product that has caught our attention, is 3Dsimo Kit. As 3Dsimo website claims, this is the world’s first assembly kit 3D pen, fully open source, so all the blueprints and documents are freely available on or their GitHub, so you can personalize your 3D pen in any way you want, from filament profiles to physical shape and colour.

The whole assembly kit is powered by Arduino Nano and starts at 49 USD.

We recommend this product, especially to Geeks and Makers.

More info in this video:

Last but not least is 3Dsimo Basic. It is 3D pen developed for kids of 8+ years old.

3Dsimo Basic is safe to use, the non-toxic PCL filament melts at 90°C and exits the nozzle at around 50°C, so kids can draw directly on their hands without any risk of harm. Also, 3Dsimo Basic is powered by an included battery, so your kids are free to draw anywhere they want, whatever they want.

More info in this video:

All mentioned products are to be found at

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