New Mobile App from GitHub Available on Android and iOS


GitHub has today released its new mobile app, and it’s accessible as a free download through iOS and Android devices. The Microsoft-owned brand provides the app as a code repository service, is designed for developers to manage projects while they’re away from their PC. Through it, they can organize tasks, provide feedback on various issues, respond to comments and both review and merge pull requests.

As a user, you’re able to react to comments with a variety of emojis, which can provide quite the help when it comes to keeping a project on the move. Developers can also view code easily from their device, although there isn’t anything in place at the moment that allows you to edit that same code.

This app was first launched in its beta form for iOS devices in November 2019, while Android saw that same beta version in January this year. Microsoft made the announcement of its acquisition of GitHub in June of 2018, and that acquisition would be completed in October of the same year. That deal went through with Microsoft paying $7.5 billion for the brand.

This news comes just a day after GitHub announced that it would acquire the JavaScript package manager Npm. This operates as a key part of the JavaScript ecosystem, which is home to more than 1.3 million packages with 75 billion downloads of it taking place every month.

GitHub Allows for Autograding, Helpful for Teachers

GitHub also announced earlier on in March that its GitHub Classroom app had gone through an update, introducing a collection of tools for helping computer science teachers to be able to assign and evaluate coding exercises. That’s in the same way that provides assistance to sports bettors who want to involve themselves in gambling on their favorite sporting events. The platform compares and contrasts a variety of sportsbooks to ensure you’re accessing and joining a good one.

With the GitHub Classroom app, the first tool for teachers to use is auto-grading inclusion. Through this, teachers have the ability to add tests to their workflows, and these will automatically test assignments and then proceed with grading them accordingly. These tests can then run automatically on every single student repository. Furthermore, teachers have the possibility of providing specific feedback to students through this. Auto grading assists teachers and saves them time, and alongside this, GitHub is releasing the Teacher Toolbox. These operate as a set of free tools for teachers, including access to a number of developmental tools, tutorials, domain names and much more. Incorporated in alongside these free tools are.

TECH domain names, access to the Termius SSH client and the ability to use BrowserStack for on-device testing. Free access to tools from Arduino is also granted.
Altogether, around 35 tools and services are available through the toolbox, and it’s worth noting that these tools are quite different from those that can be found within the GitHub Student Developer Pack. That pack provides access to free and discounted services, including Figure Eight, Namecheap and more.


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