What to Expect from Apple iOS 13.4 Launch

It’s always a great thing when an update to an operating system is released, and this is especially true if it’s an update to the iOS. That update is expected to be launched this week, with various new features coming to light as part of it. Some of these are great additions to the software, which iOS users will find most inviting.

Obviously, with Europe being quite contained at the moment due to the coronavirus threat, the likelihood is that many of us are going to be spending a lot more time navigating through our phones. That’s why the potential launch of iOS 13.4 is a lot more interesting. After all, the updates to the operating system may actually be noticed this time around.

So, what exactly are the new features coming as part of the software update? Well, while there are one or two exciting inclusions, don’t get over-enticed. It’s not specifically mind-blowing stuff. Perhaps the biggest step for the Apple brand with this update is universal purchases for Mac and iOS apps. In a bid to unify the App Store across all of its devices, the 13.4 update means that if you buy an app on your iPhone for example, it’s also possible for that same app to show up on your Mac. Of course, the developer of that app also has to say that it’s fine for this to take place, too.

Extra Inclusions with the News Update

As well as having universal purchases, iOS 13.4 is expected to include the CarKey API. Basically, this will transform your iOS device into, well, a key for your car as well. At the moment, it’s probably quite safe to say that there aren’t any vehicles with the CarKey support built into them, although if it’s being included in the iOS update, it’s possible that companies will begin developing apps to be able to take advantage of it. Potentially, more car manufacturers will then design their vehicles to cater to this.

Something else that will be included in the update is a set of nine new Memoji stickers. Not really earth-shattering news for the 13.4 updates. The Mail app will also be improved thanks to the introduction of a new toolbar, which incorporates some standard functions for users to benefit from.
Therefore, you’ll be able to move messages, send items to trash, flag mail and more. So, if you sign up to an online sportsbook for example, and you want to ensure that you receive mail from such, this will work wonders. Speaking of which, there’s the site Silentbet that compares sportsbooks for you to benefit from.

Other additions with the update include iCloud folder sharing, allowing you to share specific iCloud folders with people. And to add to that, there’s the ability to access the voice-activated assistant, Siri on iOS 13.4 while your device is face-down or out of action. That’s something you’ll need to specifically activate on the phone though, so it won’t automatically be coming into action.

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