Top Apple IPadOS Features | Release Date and all Details

Apple will release iPadOS by the end of September month. The release date for iPadOS is set for September 30, 2019. iPadOS was announced during Apple’s annual developer conference (WWDC) 2019 in June. Apple’s iPadOS is essentially a version of iOS 13, but for iPads. This week, Apple announced a new, 7th gen iPad featuring a 10.2-inch screen. But Apple did talk anything about software features. iPadOS has features dedicated to the iPad line-up. One of the significant elements in both iPadOS and iOS 13 has to be Dark mode.

iPadOS features

Apple has made enough room for multitasking features in iPadOS, letting users access apps running in the background with easy swipes. It also offers a split-screen feature to let users run the same or multiple apps simultaneously. This way, you can get the most out of a bigger screen on your iPad. The update also delivers home screen with a new layout so that you can pin widgets right onto it.

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Some of the iPadOS features are specific to Apple Pencil. For example, full-page screenshots. You can capture a screenshot of documents, emails, web pages using Apple pencil. You can also mark it up. A bigger screen means you can double it up as an additional screen while working on your desktop. You can also mirror the screen to show the same content on two different screens.

There is a feature called QuickPath. It allows users to type faster by dragging fingers across the virtual keyboard on their iPad. Suggestions also appear in the predictive bar as you type. QuickPath supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, French, among other languages. You can navigate long documents by dragging the scroll bar. It also allows users to select email addresses and phone numbers quickly using double-tap.

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Last but not least, iPadOS also supports Dark Mode. You can configure settings in such a way that it gets activated automatically when you enter a dark room, theater, or any place with low-light. You can schedule dark mode for a specific period or set wallpapers optimized for dark mode. iPadOS also offer certain privacy and security related features

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