WhatsApp gets New Updates with Private Reply, 3D Touch, More For ios

WhatsApp company has released a new update bringing more features including ‘private reply’ in a group chat, 3D Touch feature to preview the message in chats list and also brings new option to add stickers while editing video or image on WhatsApp.

How Private Reply Works On WhatsApp For IOS:

Once the user sees a notification on WhatsApp group, he/she can tap on that particular message and the ‘private reply’ will pop up on the screen and continue communication with the concerned person, which will be not visible to other members of the chat group.

This is a valuable addition to the WhatsApp, which will now allow individuals to discuss topics privately. This will definitely come handy in situations if the user knows two persons with the same name and want to send a private message outside the group, sometimes leads to sending messages to the wrong person.

As far as the 3D Touch feature is concerned, you just have to long press on a chat of the concerned person, and you will get the preview of the message and the status.

For now, we are not sure if the Facebook-owned company has released a similar update to the WhatsApp for Android.

In a related development, WhatsApp is testing a security feature which will allow the user to lock the chat conversation locked with biometric features such as fingerprint sensor in Android phones. There is no word on whether the company is working on the iOS version for a similar feature in addition to FaceID for iPhones and iPads.

This feature will definitely be welcomed by users, as it will further enhance the privacy aspect of the smartphone.

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