Razer’s Naga Hex MOBA mouse


Razer’s Naga Hex MOBA mouse

With Razer’s DeathAdder, Mamba, Naga, and DiamondBack mouse all safely transformed to shiny new Chroma-lit casings, it’s time the MOBA-centric Naga Hex got an huge and impressive upgrade. I hope you said “Yes” because that’s what’s happening.

The Naga Hex launched in 2012. Where the Naga has a telephone-style number-pad underneath the thumb and the Naga Hex has a circular arrangement of six buttons on mouse.

Razer's Naga Hex MOBA mouse

In addition to the Naga Hex V2’s new green lighting, the huge reconstruction is that there are now seven buttons under your thumb for your comfortable,

A Razer mouse getting Chroma lighting isn’t especially surprising at this point, and we could’ve waited until the review. But I’m mystify.

As we probably know, “Hex” is a affix adopted from the Greek word “hexa,” for six—as in “Hexagon” or “Hexapod” or “IKEA keeps giving me all these stupid Hex Keys.” Thus, Naga Hex was a excellent play on words when there were six buttons on the side, it’s like, magic and stuff. But then Razer went and botched it. Seven damn buttons on the side? That ain’t no Naga Hex, that’s a Naga Hept, and don’t let anyone tell you different.


Anyway, the mouse seems able. 16,000 DPI laser sensor, sensitive left/right click buttons, and a classy black casing instead of the previous Naga Hex’s weird green-lightning design. and have a seven foot cable. this mouse is best for gamers amd the one who are addicted to games and this mouse is very comfortable in use while you playing hardcore games and you’re in the market for a mouse with a lot of buttons, well, this one has a lot. Official Website


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