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jio giga tv

Reliance Jio has made a big announcement at the 41st Annual General Meeting. The announcement is about the Jio Giga TV and the Gio Giga Fibre. The fibre service will have a set-top box for televisions. Additional features that it will have are voice command feature and voice calls via TV.

Benefits of Jio Giga TV users can enjoy!

The Jio subscribers will be able to access a number Jio apps for free. They will be able to enjoy these apps on the big screen that is on television. They also get the advantage of a seamless broadband service on their television. Jiohas claimed that the speed will be up to 1 Gbps. One more amazing feature that the users will get is to connect the VR headsets to the Jio Giga Fibre Network.

jio giga tv

The users will then be able to view 360 content in 4k resolution. The aim of Jio is to make these services available in 1100 cities and the speed would be 1Gbps.

The New Television Revolution in India!

With Reliance Jio Giga TV the users will get ultra high definition resolution screen of 4k resolution. The consumers will get this definition for both online and inbuilt content. The users will get to enjoy more than 600 channels. There will be plenty of movies and songs that they can enjoy. The unique thing about this service is the voice command feature. This feature is enabled with FTTH Jio GigafibreThe Jio Giga Tv can be operated by voice command.

The Skype type Calling Feature in the Jio Giga TV:

The calling feature is the most unique and exciting feature. The user can call Jio Giga Fibre enabled Jio Giga TV. The user can also call the voice chat with the TV. The user can call any smart devices that are connected to the Jio service.

Jio Giga fiber and Jio Giiga Tv are in Affordable Price !

When one subscribes for these services the user will have to pay Rs 4500 as a security deposit. This is refundable. The user has to pay this security deposit for the router and the set-top box that he will get when he subscribes for the Reliance Jio Giga fibre and Jio Giga TV. There are no installation charges. For the first three months, the users will get the advantage of many freebies and services.

What Jio Giga TV means for the common man?

This is a digital TV which will have 600 channels. All that a person has to do is connect his existing TV to the set-top box provided by Jio which will have the Jio Giga Fibre. There will be the provision of multilingual voice command.

This television promises to provide ultra-high definition entertainment. Other facilities that this television will provide are video conferencing, virtual reality gaming, digital shopping etc.

This is surely the next big thing in Indian TV. It gives access to a number of Jio apps absolutely free, it brings phone calling to the tv. It gives you high-speed broadband on your TV and you can actually operate your TV with voice commands. This is surely going to create a big revolution in the Indian TV industry.


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