The Best Password Manager 2020

The recent advancement in technology has made the use of the internet a part and parcel in our life. We can’t think to spend a single day without staying connected to the internet. The majority of people are spending their leisure time on a different social media platform. The world of the internet has made our life easier in many ways. For instance, you can do online and fulfill your banking needs with a smart device connected to the internet. But when you talk about immense benefits, we do have to maintain some strict protocols. For instance, if you are not careful with your password, the hackers can easily wipe the account or get access to your social media profile. But to do so, they must know about the password.

Using a robust password is a great way to reduce the change of getting hacked online. But managing a long and complicated password is a very tough task. For this reason, we often password management software that can store complex passwords. It can even create a super complicated alphanumeric password for different sites and store it in the encrypted medium. Just with the help of a password manager, you can add one of the strongest security layers to your online exposure. Let’s explore some of the best password managers for the year 2020.


If you are not a root or hardcore user of the PC but still you want to secure your privacy and protect your online accounts from the threat of hackers, RoboForm might be a good option. They manage your password as you browse through different sites. If you ever update the password, the software will automatically ask you whether you want to replace the old password with the new one. Most importantly, you can log in to different portals with a single click as the password is stored in the encrypted medium.


Remembear is a perfect alternative for RoboForm due to its simple user interface. Some people often prefer to use the Remembear as it has an amazing syncing ability. This mean, if you update a portal password in the laptop, it will be updated in all the device that is connected to the Remember server. Of course, you do have the option to turn off the auto-sync. Some of you might think. Remember might be too simple to use. But if you look at the password combination and learn more about their encrypted service, you will say that they have done a brilliant job of creating such a great password manager for ordinary people.


If you are looking for a perfect solution from the hacker’s threat or the brute force attack, Dashlane might be an excellent option. Password management in Dashlane is very easy and you access unlimited sites with one click as the premium upgrade allows you to store an unlimited password. So, if you are looking to secure your internet without any limitations, Dashlane might be a perfect choice. Most importantly, the professional programmers at Dashlane are continuously working hard to make sure the user data is safe. It also monitors dark web activity which is very hard to find in the traditional password manager.

The heavy internet users love Dashlane since they have a strong online reputation and the upgrade is relatively cheap compared to its ease of use and amazing functionality. They have 30 days money-back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund by using the premium version of Dashlane free of cost. If you are not satisfied with their offered service, you can get back your money without giving them a single reason. If you feel like you have to deal with super-sensitive information, you can go for the premium plus option that comes up with a $1 million insurance policy for identity theft. If you need to know more or stumble upon a security issue while using the Dashlane platform, you can contact their customer support and they will more than happy to assist you in every aspect.


Kaspersky is a very popular name in the antivirus industry. They do have a simple and powerful password manager that can take care of daily needs. You can create an alphanumeric password which is very strong against brute force attack. If you are looking for a simple solution with a simple interface, you might try the Kaspersky. You can also use their trail feature to learn more about the password manager

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