What Is Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is the only metaphor for using online internet. Where you store data online instead of your local storage device. Cloud Computing relies on sharing rather than having a local storage device. Cloud Computing was first introduced to only military and research facilities, to work together millions of computer at one time per second. But now it is used in every aspect of life in the computer. It used in customer-based applications, for big corporate offices and immersive online games.

What Is Cloud Computing

According to WEBOPEDIA Cloud computing is simply lets companies consume resources as a utility, just like electricity, rather than having to purchase or build and maintain. Cloud Computing provides all the infrastructure online.

Achieving success for cloud computing, it uses a large network of servers that running low-cost consumer PC technology with specialized connections for fungi data processing across all of their network. This shared this online infrastructure contain large servers that are linked together and giving high-speed performance to the low specification household COmputers. Often, Virtualization Techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.

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Client computers communicating with resources located in the “cloud” – Vector cloud in the sky – created using the mesh tool

Cloud Computing provides a different type of attractive benefits to businesses and users. These are the three benefits that are provided by cloud computing.

  • SELF SERVICE: End users can use this facility any way they want to. Users can spin any type of workload on demand.
  • ELASTICITY: User can scale up computing needs any time scale down again as demands decrease.
  • PAY PER USE: Cloud Computing allowing the user to pay only for the resources they are using. Cloud Computing service cab be private, public and Hybrid.


Cloud Computing is the result of the evolution of the existing computer science and the paradigm. By using cloud computing users can take all the benefits from all of these technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about them. Cloud aims to low the cost and helps the user focus on their core business instead of worrying about maintaining the servers and the machines.

Its all about the Virtual World and the Physical World computing. Virtual software separates a physical computing device into one or more virtual devices.

We hope you now understand what is Cloud Computing now next we talk about Cloud Technology in our next post. Till then happy surfing.

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