If You Wake up in The Morning and First Check Whatsapp, Then You Should Know About These New Features Too.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Whatsapp periodically updates new features for its users. Recently, Whatsapp has introduced these top 5 whatsapp new features for their users.

If You Are Using Whatsapp Then You Should Know About Whatsapp New Features

1. Pinned Chats

Whatsapp news features, whatsapp

You can now pinpoint your favorite chat. The chat that you pin will always appear at the top. The new messages will also be displayed below. You can pin three individual or groups chats at one time. You need to hold on a chat to pin. After this Pin, Pin the chat by Tap on the pin icon next to delete and mute.

2. Two Step Verification

whatsapp-2-step-verification, whatsapp

Two Step Verification ensure the security of the account of the user. Its purpose is to prevent anyone from using your numbers. In Whatsapp 2 step verification you can set a 6 digit password. Without it, you can not use your number to create another account. All companies. Such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, Offer two-step authentication in their users.

3. Siri

whatsapp new feature, whatsapp

Apple’s Voice Assistant, Siri will read your Whatsapp messages for you. This feature is available in the Apps 2.17.20 version. It works on 10.3 and later versions.

4. Text Status

whatsapp new feature, whatsapp

Recently WhatsApp removed the facility of writing text in status. Instead of text only images or video could be inserted. Users did not like this update and had complained to this on social media. Whatsapp has again given the facility off text status.

5. Video Call

whatsapp new feature, whatsapp

increasing its scope, Whatsapp has started facilitating video calling. It was being said that that coming out of various messaging app will reduce the popularity of whatsapp, but the new features update is clear that WhatsApp is not going to slip through the hands of its users right now.

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