5 Games All Car Enthusiasts Will Love


Throughout the history of gaming, numerous developers have sought not to design games set in fantastical lands and featuring audacious plot points, but to allow people to indulge in a game that is far more aligned with the real world. From farming simulations to games that allow people to create nail art, there has always been a thirst for options that take an existing passion and turn it into an engaging game. 

Of these types of games, car-focused options have always been amongst the most popular – and it’s easy to understand why. Given that most of us spend our lives driving fairly “standard” vehicles, chosen for benefits such as their trunk space and safety features rather than style or performance, and driving at set speed limits, games that allow cars and driving to be a little more adventurous offer a chance to take a real-world experience and make it that little bit more exciting. Below, we’ve chosen five games that have excelled in this aim, and should be well-received by anyone with an interest in the automotive world… 

Project Cars 

A fantastic choice for anyone interested in customization and fine-tuning, Project Cars – which was first released in 2015 – offers complete control to the gamer in a way few titles are able to achieve. With over 70 different cars and 100 unique tracks to choose from, the game will keep players entertained for hours on end. 

Drag Racer V3 

An arcade-style game, Drag Racer V3 has been a consistently-popular hit, and offers excellent customization options and the chance to experience the thrill of a quarter-mile drag race. The car options are plentiful, and the sheer accessibility of the game – there’s no need for a console system, as the game can be played on a browser – have allowed this fantastic game to reach and impress fans across the globe with ease.

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 

Choosing a particular edition from such a popular series is always a big ask, but Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec takes the chequered flag with its before-its-time realism and races that were guaranteed to get the heart pumping. It may have been released in 2001, but there’s no denying the popularity and success (both commercially and critically) this amazing game has been able to achieve. 

Dirt Rally 2.0 

In all honesty, it would have been easy enough to include the original – and much loved – Dirt Rally in this list, but Dirt Rally 2.0 managed to make a good game even better and is thus worthy of its place. With the choice to choose from one of 50 cars and six different, well-known rallying locations across the world, this game achieves everything any player could ever need.

F1 2018 

Incredible car choices, amazing visuals, and a real-world feel thanks to the inclusion of drivers and teams that actually participated in the 2018 F1 season, F1 2018 is a game that any fan of F1 will find enthralling every time they play. The recipient of a huge number of positive reviews, this game has taken its rightful place as the best in the series – until we see what the next version includes, anyway! 

In conclusion

Cars (and driving) will always be popular fodder for game developers, and the five games detailed above are particular highlights that offer endless excitement and enjoyment to anyone who chooses to play them.


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