5 Modern Home-Use Gadgets About Which You Should Know


There’s no stopping technology. The longer the human race exists on this planet, the more we innovate. This tech can help us in many different areas and make our lives better.

You can use some tech while out and about in the world, and you can install other home gadgets that 

you should also find useful. Let’s look at some technology examples you may wish to consider installing in your house or apartment today.

Waterflow Detection Devices

You might want to look into some water-monitoring equipment if you live somewhere that gets heavy seasonal rainfall. Parts of the Midwest, Northwest, and the East Coast get heavy rains during the spring and fall seasons, and you have to cope with that as a homeowner. You might wish to monitor potential leaks:

  • In your basement
  • In your attic or crawlspace  

Old homes with leaky foundations and those with older roofs can sometimes accumulate standing water during big storms. You can now install smart water flow detection devices anywhere you know there’s a leak possibility.

The sensor lets your smartphone know whenever water touches the device. When that happens, you’ll know it’s time to call a plumber or use the shop vac.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are another potential home upgrade that many individuals enjoy these days. Right now, maybe you have to carry your keys to open your front door, side door, etc. However, if you install electronic door locks:

  • You no longer need to bring your keys with you
  • You can unlock the door using either your phone or a numerical combination  

This seems like a significant upgrade, but these electronic door lock systems cost only a couple of hundred dollars, if that. Once you install one, you can tap in the numerical combination when you approach the door, and it opens. That means no more key misplacement.

You can use your smartphone to open the door if you’re out of town and have a neighbor watching the cat or watering the plants. They can text you, and when you trigger the door unlock sequence. You can do that even from across the country.

Security Cameras

In the past, home security cameras didn’t work for everyone because you had to hardwire them. That meant hiring an electrician at a prohibitive cost.

You can get cameras now for a couple of hundred dollars or less that need no hardwiring. Amazon has popular ones, like the Blink or Arlo systems.

You drill a hole in the siding, wood, or brick next to your doors or other ingress and egress methods. Then, you install the camera, which connects to an inconspicuous inside hub.

You can monitor outside movement with these motion-triggered cameras. You can adjust their sensitivity, so you only pick up passing people and not birds or squirrels.

If you ever do get home invaders or prowlers, the camera will pick them up. You can show the cops that footage if necessary, and it makes it more likely they’ll catch the criminals.

Motion-Activated Lights

You can also set up motion-activated security lights. You can have these along with security cameras, or you can get just the lights if you don’t have camera money right now.

Some of these lights cost as little as $30 or less on Amazon at the moment. If you don’t have a garage and you park your car in the driveway, a simple motion-activated security light can scare away potential carjackers.

Electronic Window Sensors

Electronic window sensors are another excellent homeowner security measure. Maybe you live in a not-so-great area, and you want to monitor your ground-level windows when you leave for work or go to sleep.

You can get electronic window sensors very cheaply. They look like small oblong boxes. You put one on the window, and you affix the other to the sill next to it.

You monitor them on your smartphone. When you line them up together, the phone tells you that. If someone slides the window open, the connection breaks.

The phone sends you an alert. You can lock the window, but if someone breaks it and forces it open, your phone will tell you there’s an intruder.

You can get ones that make noise or silent ones. In either case, if this happens when you’re upstairs asleep, it will rouse you, and you can call the police or arm yourself.

This sort of tech is great for safety and security and will make your home life better.


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