Benefits of an Online Permit Portal

The World has become digital. We can shop for dresses, groceries, medicine, and almost everything from the comfort of our home. Businesses are switching to digital platforms. In this scenario, it makes no sense in waiting in long queues at a government office just to get your permit processed. 

Online Permit Portal

The traditional paper-based permit or the semi-automated systems have a lot of drawbacks and bottlenecks in them. The review and approval process consume ample time, delaying the whole process. This could be frustrating and not compatible with the current rapidly digitizing world. 

Another drawback of the traditional permit system is that it requires an in-person visit. Sometimes, more than once. This consumes a lot of time, money, and effort of the citizens. 

To combat all this clutter created by an in-person permit, it is essential to introduce an online permit portal where everything is made easy and fast. Having an online permit portal system is not only good for the citizens but also the managers, it makes their work easy and hassle-free.

Benefits of Online Permit Portals

  1. Time Saver

The online permit portal helps the citizens to complete the entire permit process in one go. They will be able to fill their permit portal, make the payment, and submit their application within a single website or app. This saves a lot of time and effort for everyone.

If not for the online portal, people would have to spend a lot of time reaching the appropriate government office, standing in queues, and waiting for their turn to apply. Not to mention the follow-ups required to get the permit through. 

Sometimes, people should revisit government officials multiple times to get things done. On the other hand, the status check is very easy in the online portal. They just have to log in and check if their permit is approved. 

  1. High processing speed

The traditional permit portal requires a lot of paperwork. And maintaining a stack of papers is not a joke. It is hard to deal with. This will reduce the efficiency of the work done and increase the turnaround time. 

The governments should invest in building an online permit portal so that the officers work more efficiently and the time taken to process the paper works could be shortened. 

The online permit portals are built in such a way as to give the officers complete information on the data and the status of each application. Since most of the processes are automated the officers will just need to approve and monitor the status of the permits. 

Even if there is any delay in approving the application, the online portal will automatically notify the pertaining officer and get the approval done at the earliest. 

  1. Accountability

The accountability of the officials are well monitored and reported to the higher officers via the online portal. This will ensure a seamless process completion at each stage. Online permit portals can be a great savior to monitor the deadlines and meet the timelines rightly. 

The other notable aspect of the Online permit portal is that the officials will be able to measure the metrics. They will have an in-depth understanding of how many applications are submitted on average, the time is taken for approval, the number of resubmissions, etc. 

This will give a clear depiction of the areas that need to be addressed and developed. It also locates the bottlenecks and helps the government to work on them. In a nutshell, the online permit portal management system will increase the accountability of the government and decrease any glitches in the system.

  1. Improves citizen satisfaction

The online permit portal is the easiest way to apply for a permit. This substantially increases the citizen/resident experience by lowering the time and energy they have to spend by waiting in a never-ending queue. Adding, the online portal also provides a real-time view of the status application. 

In this way, people can avoid multiple visits to the office to check their application status. Digitizing the permitting process will also attract more residents and help the community grow even stronger. Citizens can easily address their queries and get things sorted out with just a few clicks. 

  1. No more paperwork

We all know that paper is an important reason for increasing the carbon footprint. With the help of the online portal, we substantially reduce the quantity of paperwork. Going paperless is extremely beneficial for the environment as well as the officer because paperwork is tedious and hard to maintain. Going online will make the permitting process more user-friendly and cost-efficient. 

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