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Losing your Smartphone is more frightened experience in the modern world.You have your contact information, your personal data and files, your personal pictures, and secret financial data. It’s definitely scary but there is something you can do about this problem. One of the most common Google searches is “ android lost phone app ” and with these Android apps you’ll be able to find your phone very quickly.

Best of 3 Android Lost Phone App Download

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Please note that the only really good way to find your smartphone is if you have something already installed Android lost phone app in your Android device. Make sure you have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. There are lost of Companies out there who is working on how to track your phone and to find it. so here are The top 3 Android lost phone app


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AntiDroidTheft is free simple anti theft app which let you trace your phone via GPS, track changes made in the SIM card and view picture that have taken by the smartphone all of them through internet. Here’s some information coverage on how the Android app actually helped a user get his stolen phone.

Family Locator

As the name describe the app’s nature of the work, Family locater simplifies life in the world by making it easy to connect with your family and friends and who matter most in your life. You can create your own circles of groups of loved ones teammate and family members.

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Receive real time alert when circle membre arrives at or leave destination. Thats help you to find your and your teammate phones if got lost. Family Tracker offers real time location data so you can track your children to where they are headed to.

Android Device Manager

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At last but not the least android device manager is the best android app for stolen or lost android devices. Android device manager is compatible with all version of Android Operating System. There are 2 Simple steps to track your phone :-
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone.

You can read more About Android Device Manager

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