Find Lost Android phone Without Internet

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Lost Android Phone can be easily tracked by mainly using two ways. You can use Android Device Manager to track android phone or you can use anti-theft apps to locate it. but anti-theft must be already installed on your android smartphone before it gets lost. In Android device manager you need to have few things completed before you lost it. But you want to find lost android phone without internet. lets see if this can happen or not.

How Find lost Android Phone Without Internet

find lost android phone without internet, lost phone, android device lost, android, android device,

There are something you don’t have an idea that you can find android phone without internet. How it is possible, i mean whats the possible way to connect your other to your lost smartphone.

You cannot track the other devices without those devices reporting back their locations somehow digitally. The GPS system is read only – GPS receivers don’t send their locations back to the GPS system.

Android phones can acquire location over GPS while in airplane mode – so they can track their own location without network. But to report that data, they must then transmit their data somehow – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, digitizing and sending it over a call, a text message, etc.

Matt Laroche, Android app developer

1. the pure meaning of “GPS” is a radio receiver that receives signals from GPS satellites, anddo the necessary math to know where the satellites are, which ones to look for, and produce a set of coordinates and error margins (horizontal and vertical) depending on how many satellites are visible. This is a standalone chip, that requires nothing more than power, and of course something to receive this data (the OS, which will then forward it to the apps). No internet is required at all.

2. to obtain a faster “fix” on the GPS signal, or to get some approximate location based on other information, a lot of extra functionality may exist to complement GPS – GSM cells around, WiFi networks, A-GPS radio signal that may come from earth stations or even from the GSM signal. This allows to have some approximate coordinate (or even a quite good one, if enough WiFi networks exists around), but it’s just a complement to GSM. Some of these require internet connection, some don’t, some may use some cached information (the infamous “OMG devices are tracking everywhere I go” file)

3. After you get the location information on your app, it’s up to you to do something with it.
If your question is if GPS requires internet, the answer is no.
If your question is after obtaining the GPS coordinates how can you track the device, the answer is an obvious “you’ll need to push the coordinates out of the device and into your tracking system”. Other answers already mentioned alternative methods to the internet, using signalling on the GSM network, or even just doing it snail-mail style (take the SD card out)

Bruno D. Rodrigues, Doing mobile applications since J2ME

Hope you got your answers of Find Lost Android phone Without Internet  if you got any question comment below your query. Till than happy surfing. 🙂


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