Android Platform Architecture

Android is open source Linux-based software that comes with operating system middleware and smartphone apps along with a set of API libraries for building third party applications for designed only touchscreen mobile phones, tablets. lets talk about Android Platform Architecture.

Android Platform Architecture Definition

The Kernel is the Android OS of Linux. It makes use of Linux Kernel .6 and 3.x for onward Android operating system. Android comes with open source tools like SQlite, Webkit, media manager; OpenGL merges in Android runtime which contains (DVM) Dalvik Virtual Machine, which powers the application that runs in ANdroid. Their numerous tools also pack such as SMS application, email client, music player

Android Operating System Architecture

The first thing you should learn about Android architecture that it is the Linux kernel 3.x that interacts with the hardware and contains all the essential hardware parts. If there is no Linux than there is no smartphone yes you read it right then you have to use only iPhone smartphone.

There is native libraries layer that provides Android the capabilities for its core features to function properly. Application framework Provide all of the major APIs that the application use like sharing data, receiving notification and accessing telephonic system

Application Layer contains software written by the official Android makers as well as third party software that is pre-installed in the smartphone. The most common application which installed in every cell on the planet, contacts and phone reside in the application layer.

Download Android Platform Technology PDF and PPT 

Android Architecture Diagram

The android platform Architecture contains following points :-

  • Different Layers of software makes an Android OS
  •  Each layer provides different service to another layer
  • middleware and application together they make Android OPerating System
  • Now look at the diagram as follow :-
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I forget to mention one thing which is most important thing in Android Architecture is Android Runtime. It is a type of JVM Java Virtual Machine used in Android devices to run apps and is optimized for low processing power and low memory environments.

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