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Android is become fastest growing os those days. every one love to have his own smartphone with android os as the company provide the lots of features in cheap price and with name of big brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. with may features. Here, we will share few android technology ppt with for free download with easy and best way.

Free Android Technology PPT

you can download easily few best technology android ppt from here with best presentation which we have collected from limited sources. In these presentations for android technology you will come to know few basic but most important knowledge about android history, features, basics, privacy, market strategy, Security, Advantages- disadvantages and other which will guide you.

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Android is an open source that is the source code is easily available for development. It is the first open source, customizable operating system of mobile development. it contain the complete set of coding like OS, middleware and all components up hierarchy. Android was built from the bottom layer to top most development where developers can make their own apps to play and work with in his Android Smartphone or Android Operating System. Android is so user friendly that any user can fully utilize its all features and applications.


Android Framework

To write a application in android the developer need to understand the building codes of of the source. the building source code are the main key factors for any application or product that contain product service. Now the Android technology come here and do there job to develop apps and the whole system.


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