Fastest Android Phone in The World | 2016

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Everybody want fastest android phone in the world, but you have to pay more than a LED or HDTV. Today everything is fast or we can say the world is going very fast and in this fast life you have to be fast and you can do fast work with your smartphone and now Google’s android going to make fastest Android phone in world actually they made NEXUS 6.

Fastest Android Phone in The World iphone 6s Vs. Nexus 6

Apple’s iphone 6s is world’s fastest phone as they bragging and Google also claim that Nexus 6s is fastest Android phone in the world but there are more smartphone companies that claim their phone is the fastest android phone.

We are here share a table to explain which phone has is fastest phone in the world.

fastest android phone in world, android,fastest phone, fastest android,

New Entry From Huawei Mate 8

fastest android phone in world, android,fastest phone, fastest android,

Huawei Mate 8 claim they made fastest smartphone in the world event the iphone 6s, thanks to its own rapid charging, which is compliant with the Qualcomm standard. (Huawei uses its own electronics here). The company says it’s more frugal than rival ‘Droids, and should go for “2.36 days” between charges, with heavy users getting over a day and a half. Given the battery weighs in at 4000mAh, that should be feasible. The fast charge purportedly fills 37 per cent in half an hour.
The Mate 8 is the first Huawei to ship with Marshmallow V6.0. However, it’s larger than the Mate S, and it represents a break with the Mate 7’s boxy design language. The main difference with the S is that it’s larger, and incorporates a 6-inch diagonal IPS panel. The 8’s display is brighter, but side-by-side.

Huawei’s going for value with the Mate 8, the bezels are very thin, and the metal case has the same curved design as the S, making it comfortable to hold. Huawei’s fingerprint sensor, as with the Nexus 6P it built for Google, is circular rather than er, “squircular”. The camera sensor is a 16MP unit sourced from Sony.

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