My Android Devices List

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Now Android is the major operating system in smartphone industries and Google always tried to give their latest technology to their customers. Every day Google Android come up with a new updated version of service and added new option to their system. One of them is managing your android devices list, everyone searching my android devices list. Now we are sharing some of the methods, you can see your android device list.

Access All of Your Devices My Android Devices List

If you are using Android smartphone and other internet connected system, than it is sure your google account is connected to all of your devices. Google’s new security dashboard will help you  track all of you android devices.

my android devices list, android device manager, android device, android,

Launched in 2014 the new “Devices and Activity Dashboard” buried within your google account’s security settings you the full access to your google account for last last 28 days. This function catches the last time you accessed and where it was accessed from.

Access My Android Devices list by Android Device Manager

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Go to Google Security dashboard and you find your all android devices, my Google account including a Xolo Prime, samsung Galaxy Note II, Arya A1+, Windows, Mac, just a few of them.

If you see any suspicious activity, a link on top lets you quickly add and edit your security settings including change your password and as well as recovery and 2-step verification settings which allows user to full control on your android devices.

How to Use Android Device Manager

Remove Your Old Android Device from My Android Devices List

If you are not happy with any of the details on the list than click on them for a few more details such as when it was last logged in and something it’ll reveal device’s location and their is also a remove button in the list that allows you to disconnect your account remotely as well.

Hope you find your all question about My Android Devices List. Till than happy surfing.


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