Find Lost Android Phone Switched Off

Well actually you lost your smartphone, and now you are searching for it here. You know you have to act very fast for searching your precious before it gets to another hand. But what you did when your Android device lost, and it is switched off. There one way to find lost Android phone switched off.

Find Lost Android Phone Switched Off

If a phone turned off it is actually in sleep mode or you can say in a standby mode, it is your button who wake up your phone. So phone never turned off beside his battery removed from it. But there are possible ways to trace phone record and track location if required.

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Location based tracking is very simple even a child can do it. But to track a switched off phone is impossible. When a phone turned off, it will stop communicating with the nearby tower and GPS can’t access phone’s location either.

Impossible to Find Lost Android Phone Switched Off

According to the post from Washington Post, NSA is capable of track switched phone and isn’t something new to NSA. They are Tracking turned off phone since 2004. This technique used in Iraq, and it helped identify “thousands of new targets, including members of a burgeoning al-Qaeda-sponsored insurgency in Iraq,” according to an ad hoc special operation officer who was interviewed by Post.

There is no way explained how they do it in Washington post, but the sources say they can track a switched off phone by infecting trojans in it. That cause the phone to continue emitting a signal even in standby mode unless battery removed from the phone.


  • You can use  Google Latitude  it uses the GPS method to trace your exact location of your smartphone,
  • There are many Android apps in the market, which helps to trace the mobile phone location likes Find my phone, plan, etc..

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