“Godless Malware” Root Your Android Phone without Your Knowledge

Godless Malware : A new type of threat is spreading in your Android phone. There is a new breed of malware doing the round that can root your android smartphone. This “Godless” named Malware can do nasty things to your phone and without knowing it.

“Godless Malware” Root Your Android Phone without Your Knowledge

This Godless malware is so dangerous and highlighted by TrendLabs, The research arm of the digital security Trend Micro. Godless is a piece of malware contained in some Android apps that possesses a host of rooting exploits that it can use to weak your system security on any device running Android lollipop 5.1 and earlier.

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According to DNA INDIA

“The malware has affected some 850,000 devices so far, through apps on Google Play.”

According to Trend Labs

Godless is present in certain apps available even on prominent app store like Google Play, and has so far affected over 850,000 devices worldwide. In addition, nearly half of that number, 46.19 percent to be exact, are devices in India, with Indonesia coming in second, holding only about 10 percent of the affected devices.

Godless malware uses open source rooting framework named Android Rooting-tools. Android Rooting tools used to unlock various features and Android Devices. When this malware is downloaded into your device by mistaken then it wait until the screen turn off.

When screen turned off then it proceeding with the rooting work. Once that’s done, it implements a different standalone Google Play Store. More importantly, once the phone is rooted, Godless can also install backdoors to spy on the user. it can also remotely instruct the device to download additional apps, which may contain unwanted ads as well

TrendLab find many of the apps that can contain Godless Malware and can affect your andorid smartphone. and the more trouble can happen with you if you download apps from the developers you trust because it can’t help you from the Godless Malware. To avoid this malware stick to downloading apps a certified platform like Google Play or Amazon. and be sure to research a developer. Never download apps from outside Google Play Store or update your apps.

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