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Find Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Find Lost Android Phone : The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a number your GSM phone or you can say a number name of a GSM phone The IMEI number usually use in when your phone is lost. It is use by your GSM network provider to identify your Android Device or your GSM phone for stopping from invalid use of the find lost phone.

For Example if your phone is lost than you have to call your network provider to block your phone , He will ask for your Phone’s IMEI number after rendering your report your GSM network provider company blacklisted your phone and it will not work on the any network. Now robber did not use it but yes he can use it as a camera and a ipod or playing games. One thing is sure that he cannot use for calling purpose .He Cannot use internet in your device because when he use it you can locate your phone easily How to locate your phone when your internet is on Click Here

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How to Find Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Knowing your IMEi number is very important because it will help you to find your phone and locate phone’s destination.You can find your phone’s IMEI number on back of your phone’s battery or you can diel *#06# and get IMEI number on phone screen 

There is another term which known as MEID- Mobile Equipment Identifier same as IMEi number. You have to know your IMEI number of your phone because it is a basic need for finding of locate your lost phone. one thing i forget to mention, other way to find your IMEI number is in your Phone bill and on your phone box.

Track Your Lost Android Phone

If you not installed any tracking app than by Android Lost facility of installing remote app can be used to install tracking app. Which give you the location of your previous phone ,you can also control your phone If you not have you IMEI number you can also get your number by using SMS service through tracking app. After getting location and IMEI number.find lost phone

You can also locate your Phone if you know you IMEI number LOOKUP  or TRACKME 


  • Report the theft to the police
  • Keep document of you police report because you need these during process
  • Only your GSM network provider to track your phone there no other way to find your lost phone by IMEI number because they use high end tracking equipment for the process you cant afford and use they only use by hackers or the police 

If you getting any problem to get your phone you can tell me i’ll help you i have different method to locate your phone just comment below . Nothing is impossible. Till than bye and take care your phone.

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