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These are Best Android Features List

Android Features List : We all know android is the most buying phone in the world. Android is fill with different kinds of tools, features and configurations. Some features are buried so deep you can’t see at your plain sight. Half of the people don’t know all of the feature they can use there phone as a James Bond movie’s Gadget.

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MESSAGING :  SMS and MMS including threaded text messaging and Android Cloud To Device Messaging

WEB BROWSER : You can use your android phone as a internet hub. Browse internet like you do on your personal computer. There are apps for fast browsing .

Video Calling : You can use your android phone like a device you see in Space Odyssey :2001 you can talk face to face on your phone.

MULTITASKING : Multitasking allow you to do different work on one time . You can run different apps, work on one app and another is working on background.

MOVIES & GAMES : You can watch HD movies and High Definition games on your android smartphone.

There are lost of general Android features list like multiple language support, accessibility, voiced based feature,Multitouch, Screen Capture, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, Streaming Media Support and Eternal storage , install thousand of apps Etc.

New Android Features List of Lollipop 5.0

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Lollipop is new upgraded version of Android jellybean 4.4. There are some of best upgraded versions of features in Android Lollipop.

  • Lollipop is more than your phone and tablet, Android your watch , TV and Even your Car.
  • Now you can pick up where you left off , songs , movies office work even recent searches from your one device immediately enjoyed on your other android smart device.
  • Touch response is now is like fluid flow. When touch the screen and working on android device is like you are rubbing your hand on a sexy body of a model.
  • With Lollipop, your tablet shows your inbox alongside the message that you have open, while your watch shows new emails as they arrive
  • In lollipop there is more time to play and enjoy movies and time to charge a battery.
  • At last now there are more method to secure your device and data.
  • A brand new system-managed digesting line termed RenderThread retains animated graphics clean even though you will discover delays mainly UI line.

For More Detailed feature Go Here

Upcoming Android Features List of Marshmallow

Android mobile phone Marshmallow is not an change of all you could idea anyone understood regarding Android mobile phone. Rather, it’s a is purified as well as expansion of the core features as well as efficiency of Android mobile phone Lollipop.

You Can read detailed Android Features list of Marshmallow Here

 Hidden Android Features List You Don’t Know About

There are lots of hidden feature features you can’t imagine you can do with your android device . Go Here for more Details.

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