Mahindra Roxor SUV | Mahindra Roxor Specs | Mahindra Roxor Images

mahindra-roxor, mahindra-roxor specification

Mahindra Roxor SUV | Mahindra Roxor Specs | Mahindra Roxor Images

Mahindra Roxor SUV | Mahindra Roxor Specs | Mahindra Roxor Images: Mahindra just launched Mahindra Roxer only for the U.S. markets. IN this article you are going to read everything about Mahindra Roxer price, Mahindra Roxer specifications and features. Mahindra Roxer gets leaf spring suspension on the front and rear. The Roxor also gets hydraulic power steering.

mahindra-roxor, mahindra-roxor specification

Mahindra Roxor Specs, Specifications

Exterior Design Mahindra Roxor

The body on the Roxor is polyurethane  This makes it lighter and more durable.  The Mahindra Roxor change in the front grille has been made to avoid a conflict of trademark

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The Roxor has no doors, no large roof and no windscreen. The Roxor also gets cloth side door panels which can be taken completely off. The Roxor comes with chunky off-road spec 16-inch steel rims or optional aluminium alloy wheels and off-road tyres.

mahindra-roxor, mahindra-roxor specification


The other big chance on the Roxor is the dashboard. While the Thar gets a more palatable plastic dashboard, which has been improved across the years, the Roxor goes back to basics! You get a simple metal dashboard with one large dial in the centre – just like the Jeeps of yesteryears. There are no ‘safety’ features like airbags but the passenger does get a traditional grab handle to hold on to. The seats too are basic and look like they are made out of a material that can be hosed down after off road use. The only real creature comforts in the Roxor though are cup holders, which since the car will be sold in the United States, is an absolute must.

mahindra-roxor, mahindra-roxor specification

According to a report on Carandbike, the new off-road SUV, Mahindra Roxor which will be manufactured at Mahindra’s Auburn manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan, features a 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The SUV churns out 62 bhp and will come with standard left hand drive, manual gearbox and a traditional manual four-wheel-drive shifter

Price and Availability:

Prices are expected to be around the $15,000 or about Rs 10 lakh price range for the base model with customised and optioned out models costing more depending on the equipment added. While there has been speculation about the Roxor making it to India. This vehicle will only be for the United States and will not make it to India.



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