Top 6 Disturbing Items for Sale on the Deep Web

deep web onion dark web

The deep web is home to a lot of illegal activity these days. Buyers and sellers from all over the world exchange a lot of goods on a global scale and settle most transactions with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  Some of the most fantastic items can be bought and sold on the darknet these days, and it appears the available items only become troublesome as time progresses.

deep web onion dark web


In South Africa, Quaaludes – also known as Mandrax – is the most commonly abused types of drugs. Various quantities of this drug can be purchased on the deep web with relative ease as long as one has a bitcoin balance to spend. What is intriguing is how this drug is sold by vendors who are seemingly located in South Africa. Selling contraband is more important than the public’s health for some suppliers.


As most people are well aware of, the deep web is well known for buying and selling digital information. Credit card details, PayPal logins, and even rogue Twitter followers are in high demand these days. For the average price fo US$25 in bitcoin, one can easily buy several thousand Twitter followers. Although these are not real people, these “bots” will behave in a rather normal way, making them seem more human.


Most people looking for a new identity would have to go through illegal channels in the first place. On the deep web, this process becomes a lot easier, as people can buy a manual on how to create a new identity for next to no money. This book offers practical advice to create a new identity, including faking a college degree, getting employment references, and even vanish from the globe entirely. It remains unclear how successful or useful these guides are, though.


Some people may have noticed there are a few listings on bitcoin forums where people offer Amazon items at discounted rates. In most cases, a lot of these items are a result of a refund or return scam. In most cases, these scams are limited to the United States or the United Kingdom, although some criminals offer international shipping solutions as well. It is advised not to buy these services, though, as they will result in getting people arrested. Moreover, it is very likely this scam involves large-scale payment fraud.


Although not everyone would look to buy a car on the darknet, there are quite some sales to take into consideration. That is if one is in the market for a stolen car. Any physical item offered for sale on deep web marketplaces is either contraband or obtained illegally. Cars are no different, as criminals tend to steal or rent cars from rental companies and resell them with fake documents. Cars will be delivered to your local city within a few days after making the payment.


A Chinese deep web marketplace recently made headline news as they sold an electromagnetic pulse device which fits in one’s pocket. Although this platform has been shut down ever since similar devices have popped up across other darknet marketplaces. One of the primary use cases for such a pocket EMP generator is to add credits to electronic slot machines. It can also be used for other purposes, including destroying cell phones or even older laptops.


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