What is Jio Juice | Jio juice App Download

Jio posted about Jio Juice Beta on their Facebook page and twitter handle. So what is Jio Juice? let’s know about it.

Jio Juice App: It is a new update recently announced by Reliance which says Phone Thirsty? Jio has been in news since day one, Whether it is about 4G Internet on Android and iPhone or the Jio App. Reliance always comes up with new updates very frequently to keep users attracted with Jio and it’s products.

What is Jio juice App? Will it be Useful to iPhone Users?

At the moment there is not much information about Jio juice on the internet and we are sure our team will be the first one to update you about it, But don’t worry Jio has given a small hint as to what the new update will be all about. Jio has shared a poster on Twitter mentioning the word Phone Thirsty, We are guessing that it might be about more data pack which will not eat up a lot of battery charge.

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The teasers for Jio Juice mention ‘Beta’, which suggests it will be an app, likely a battery saver app. As a beta, users may be required to register to try it out; after the initial testing is done, it may be released to the wider public. Jio has not revealed any information about the upcoming app except the teasers on Twitter, and only mentions it will be “coming soon.”

Jio Juice Power Bank device

The image about Jio Juice also indicates that it can be a Power Bank from Jio. Jio Juice power bank will help you charge your phone battery anytime you want. The price of Jio Juice power bank will not be more than Rs 500 if launched.

Jio Juice Android Phone

There were so many rumours about Jio launching a new cheapest android phone. So you can expect a Jio Juice android phone with strong battery power.

Jio Juice Plan offer details

Jio has kept Jio Juice plan unrevealed by saying coming soon. As you all know Jio prime membership is going to end on March 31, they might be coming with any new plans. Jio Juice offer details are not yet updated anywhere, so please wait until Jio makes any official announcement about their new Jio Juice plans.

Jio Juice App download
Jio Juice app is still in beta phase and will be available for download on 31st March 2018. The Jio juice app will help you save your phone battery by optimising apps usage and much more.

Jio says your digital life will never get interrupted again by installing Jio Juice android app.

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