What is Microsoft Windows 8

what is microsoft windows 8, download windows 8, download windows 8.1

What is Microsoft Windows 8 : Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system development by Bill Gate’s and Paul Alien’s Company Microsoft’s as a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Windows 8 started before the release of its predecessor, Windows 7, in the year 2009, and Microsoft announced at CES 2011 and followed by the release of three pre-release versions from September 2011 to may 2012.

What is Microsoft Windows 8 | Definition

Windows 8 changes its traditional User Interference. Microsoft change entire look of the Start Menu button. The company wants some newer design for its after Windows 7 and they developed Live Tiles for Start Menu and they also release for Windows phone. A new feel with a new design system interference code named “Metro that first debuted in Windows phone 7 mobile operating system.

what is microsoft windows 8, download windows 8, download windows 8.1

Metro User Interference Consist of a start screen that contain Live Tiles, Which are links to applications features that are dynamic and update in real time. User can also change windows between there apps by simply swiping across screen


Windows 8 also features the latest Internet Explorer Web browser, internet explorer 10 as well a new feature that based on online service of cloud space, like Microsoft’s app store and office 365. This Operating system also add built in support for newer technologies like USB and Bluetooth 3.0

Feature of Windows 8, 8.1

  • New features and functionality in Windows 8 include a faster startup through UEFI integration.
  • The new “Hybrid Boot” mode, which hibernates the Windows kernel on shutdown to speed up the subsequent boot.
  • A new lock screen with a clock and notifications, and the ability for enterprise users to create live USB versions of Windows known as Windows To Go.
  • Windows 8 also adds native support for USB 3.0 devices, which allow for faster data transfers and improved power management with compatible devices,and hard disk 4KB Advanced Format support.
  • A support for near field communication to facilitate sharing and communication between devices.
  • A new “File History” function allows to revisions of files to be backed up to and restored from a secondary storage device, while Storage Spaces allows users to combine different sized hard disks into virtual drives.
  • Task Manager has been redesigned, including a new processes tab with the option to display fewer or more details of running applications and background processes.
  • A heat map using different colors indicating the level of usage, network and disk counters, grouping by process type (e.g. applications, background processes and Windows processes), friendly names for processes and a new option which allows users to search the web to find information about obscure processes.

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