Windows 10 Latest Preview | Link an Android Phone To a PC

windows 10 preview

Microsoft has released a new window 10 latest preview for PC. Through this, the courtesy, reboots, input, edges, and gaming have been rectified as well as sharing links to Android phones. This window is the eighth generation of 10 Fall Creators Updates, which will be launched by September this year.

windows 10 preview

This window is the eighth generation of 10 Fall Creators Updates, which will be launched by September this year. Window 10 is a better service than its old version because it will continue to meet its frequent updates as well as bug fixes and new feature updates. Earlier Microsoft had released three major updates – November Update, Anniversary Update, and Creators Updates.

How to link Android Phone to PC?

The biggest thing is that you can link your Android phone to the PC. The iPhone support is also being prepared to bring it fast. The main focus is being done in cross-device web-browsers. With this help, you can share the site you are browsing with your phone in PC. To start this feature, go to (Settings> Phone> Link Your Phone). After this, you will receive an SMS to install an application called ‘MySoft Apps’.

windows 10 preview

When you go to a website on your phone and want it to appear on the PC, then go to the share option and click on ‘Continuity on PC’ option. For this, you will need to sign in to Microsoft account (You have to use the same account on which you sign in PC). Continue Now (website will open on linked PC) or ‘Continue Letter’ (website will appear on the Action Center).

What is the Cortana’s specialty?

Cortana now showing web search result without open a browser. It works with movies, celebrity, stock price, weather, flight status, etc. Talking about courtesy, this window has a voice assistant feature, it can lock, sign-out, shut down or turn off the PC with the help of voice commands. The commands of the court are as follows: –

– Hey Cortana, restart PC
– Hey Cortana, Turn off PC
– Hey Cortana, sign out
– Hey Cortana, Lock PC

With all these voice commands, Cortana can also take a verbal confirmation, such as You will have to speak ‘Yes’ to Cortana to complete any voice command. Voice commands can also be played on the lock screen, but for this, you have to enable Cortana on the lock screen.

Windows 10 Latest Preview Reboot Features Improves:

The Advanced Windows Update feature, which updates the settings on the device via user’s sign-in information to be updated, has been limited to the Regular reboot and the shutdown feature. When you log in and reboot or shut down, Windows will automatically set the user’s account after booting the backup. It’s fastest sign-in and any application will be launched automatically, which has been registered for application restart. If you want to utilize this function then you can go to settings and change the privacy section in the sign-in option page. Apart from this, one-hand touch keyboard has been expanded as input.

What is special in Edge?

Speaking of Edge, now do not resize your site in Snap View or Portrait Orientation in tablet mode. Apart from this, many improvements in the browser, improvements in PDF view and pinned sites have been improved.

Improvements in the gaming feature:

Talking about the improvement of gaming, Microsoft is testing the default of game modes for some games. Only a few users will be able to lift its expiration and the company has not given information about how many users or how many games can be played.


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