Microsoft Windows Operating System List

Microsoft introduced its operating system named Windows back in year on November 20, 1985. Microsoft launched it as a graphical operating system shell for MS DOS in response to the growing interest in Graphical User Interface (GUI).Bill Gates’s Windows came to dominate the world’s personal computer market and challenge the Steve Job’s Idea before launching the Apple’s MAC. Microsoft’s Windows hold 90% of market share overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced in year 1984. Since 2012 because of massive growth of smartphones, Windows sells less than Android, which became the most popular operating system in 2014.

Microsoft Windows Operating System List

When counting all of the computing platform each operating system run on; in 2014, the number of Windows devices sold were less than 25% of Android devices sold. But comparison across different markets are not fully relevant, and for personal computer, Windows is still the most popular operating system.  Sources : WIKIPEDIA

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The history of windows start in back year 1981 when Steve Jobs introduced first Graphical User Interface to the Bill Gates which he purchase from a small company. When Bill Gates first saw this instantly making plan in his head that how can i make this more better and how to add more stuff to do multitasking at one desktop.

Bill Gates steal this User Interface idea from Steve Jobs and start working on his own and named it Windows. After launching Windows operating system to the world Steve Jobs feels cheated from Bill Gates.

Launching of Windows 1, first ever multitasking, user friendly, graphical User Interface and lighting speed of working gets hand to hand and become most popular operating system in the world.

Now Steve Jobs also introduced hi MAC operating system to the world but its not that popular as compared to Windows 1 and after Windows 1 there is Windows 2, Windows 3, WIndows 3.1 and so on. Now here we are sharing Microsoft Windows Operating System List.

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