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Apple Virtual Assistant Siri Saves Toddler’s Life

Apple is knowing for its high quality products and its future innovation technology such as SIRI. Siri is the most advanced Virtual Assistant that...

Galaxy Note 7 vs. Honor 8 vs. iPhone 6S Plus vs....

Galaxy Note 7 vs. Honor 8 vs. iPhone 6S Plus vs. OnePlus 3 vs Galaxy S7 Edge If you were on the hunt for a shiny...
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Get iPhone 8 For Rs 31,100 On Flipkart

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are set to go on special in India, seven days after the successors of a year ago's Apple...
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5 Best Latest Upcoming Futuristic Smartphone 2016

Upcoming Futuristic Smartphone 2016 We have posted some of the Upcoming Futuristic Smartphone 2016. The devices are just going to be the best of all...
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Top 10 Best Mobile Games of 2016 You Need to Play

The Google Play Store is full of Android games, but not all games are worth of downloading . we have listed out the best...
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Apple Offers Big Cash Rewards For Help Finding Security Bugs

You would earn as much as $200,000 from Apple Apple mentioned it plans to supply rewards of as much as $200,000 to researchers who discover...
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Apple Lost Its Patent Retrial To VirnetX

A federal jury in Texas on Friday night ordered Apple to pay more than $302 million in damages for using VirnetX Holding Corp’s patented...
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Twitter is shutting down Vine App

Twitter is shutting down video-sharing service Vine "in the coming months." Twitter acquired Vine, which lets you share short video clips, in 2012. "Nothing is...
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Yoga Guru Added in Apple’s New Emoji List

Technology giant Apple has Veiled the curtain over a dozen new emoji to express emotions on various Apple gadgets. Among all the old Emoji,...
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IPhone 7: Coming in 2016 IPhone 7 Apple Inc. is an American multinational innovation organization that is included in planning, advancement, and offer of PC programming,...




All you Need To Know About Bitcoin Blockchain | The Concept

All Bitcoin transactions( financial services) are recorded in an open ledger called Blockchain, in a linear, time-stamped series of bundled transactions known as Blocks in...