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Android Features by Version | 2019

Android Phones become very popular during those days. Every second person is using Android phone those days and each teenager wish to have is a one for him with the best features. Usually, people get confused to plan about the version of Android is best for them so here we are sharing the best Android features by version:-

Top Android Features by Version (list and Comparison)

Android Features by Version , Android Feature, Lollipop Features, Android Feature by Version

Here you will find the best list of Android version and their comparison with one another. I would like to inform you that there are many version which about people are not aware (i.e. only a few people know that there were 4 other versions of Android before known version of Gingerbread which is Froyo, Eclair, Donut, Cupcake). We will explain only the best version of the Android smartphone.

Android Features by Version | Gingerbread to Jelly Bean

Many of the people started operating from Gingerbread OS as we have highlighted for the information that many of other versions was introduced before. So we are starting from the known one.

Firstly Gingerbread was introduced with Nexus s Smartphone in 2010 with 2.3 version. It was the revolutionary time when it changes the point of view of interface with lots of features offered by android which you can read below:-

Gingerbread Features

Android Features by Version, Nexus Features, Android features, Best features android
  • New Keyboard :-  This feature is not a big thing for today but firstly came with Gingerbread os.
  • NFC Feature (Near Field Communication) :- This version includes the NFC feature which is a tapping device and a good combination of hardware with the device.
  • Copy/Cut-Paste:- This version is also improved by copy paste function withhold, copy paste later, Select word etc which are easy those days.
  • Online/Internet Calling:- Gingerbread os is also compatible with the internet calling named as “SIP Internet Calling ” Which can synchronize your contact and can make calls when your smartphone is connected with internet.
  • Camera :- First-time Gingerbread present to add the camera thumbnail to an interface which looks like an icon not only camera it can make the each function’s shortcut.
  • Improved UI:- This OS is also known for the better performance, Faster Situation, easier usage and for power saving.

You can Download Here the custom version for personal experience of Gingerbread.

Jelly Bean Features

Android Features by Version, jelly Bean Features, Android Features, Features of Android Jelly bean

Jelly Bean is the version which was updated version and better than Gingerbread with few new features to make the android better:-

  • Multilingual Support :- Jelly bean is the best of its time for multilingual support. Which was very demanded by the users. It can support many languages which help to communicate easily with many national languages.
  • High-Performance Graphics (OpenGl ES 3.0) :-  It is built to make your experience better for video and graphics.
  • Notification Access:- It was another best experience for the users which was not expected. Jelly bean is featured with the notification for miss call, text SMS, email, system notification which help user for not to go in its individual.
  • Bluetooth:- The smart ready Bluetooth function was invented with this os for the exchanging multimedia.
  • Improved UI:- if we compare the UI of Jelly Bean with Gingerbread os then can say that the user interface was better and somewhere showing android’s efforts to make it better.

You can Download Here the custom version for personal experience of Jelly Bean.

Android Features by Version | Lollipop V5.0

Android Features by Version, Lollipop android Features, Features of Android Lollipop;,

Lollipop is one of the best version of the Android phone which was developed by Google and released on Oct. 28, 2014, according to Wikipedia and the name of the latest release version is lollipop 5.1.1. Please find below the best features of Android Lollipop:-

  • Device Protection :- Android Lollipop is upgraded with better device protection while the same works only with Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and new Android 5.1 devices which can easily prevent a thief from factory resetting of the phone without the password for the google profile use from the other device.
  • Better Connection of Wi-Fi:- This device can easily catch the wi-fi devices to connect with your smartphone doesn’t matter you are standing in one place or traveling it will reflect each and every wi-fi.
  • Better Sound Profile :- This device also has better sound quality. Which you can experience if you love to listen to music with the best comfort.
  • Performance :- The performance of Lollipop version is unbelievable. When you touch/type/click to interface it feels like your fingers are waving on water. It is very smooth.
  • Apps compatibility :- The Android Lollipop is compatible with each and every app. You can download any app from google play which is defaulted in any android version and download the app.
  • Power saving feature :- The phone is also known for the best feature which helps to save the power and can be charged in few time.
  • User Interface :- User Interface is incredible of the version with the new notification bar. The background can be changed in icons which could not be happened in the last version.

Android Features by Version | Marshmallow

Marshmallow Nexus Features, Android Marshmallow Features, Marshmallow updated Features

Marshmallow is the last version till the date and only work with Nexus 6.0 as on. The few features of the os are Android Play, Adoptive Storage, Screen Lock (was upgraded with few last version), System UI Tuner, Improved copy/cut-Paste, and custom google tab.

Conclusion:- Android phone is whether updated with few many names and developing itself with many unexpected experiences which are making it operate easily. If Android Features by Version is pending to any post then we will update shortly or you can comment so that we add it after receiving the notification. Till then. Happy Surfing.

You can also check Android Platform for PC so that you enjoy the experience of Android on your PC.

Android Devices for Tv, nexus player, android player, android device for tv,

Android Devices For TV | Review

Android on your TV is kind of cool thing to see, imagine your favourite apps and games on your big screen looks amazing, right ???. So how you gonna do that , thanks to Google they already make Android Devices for TV so you can enjoy your apps and games on TV.

Five Best Android Devices For TV

Android Devices for Tv, nexus player, android player, android device for tv,
Android Devices for Tv

Android TV gives you a new, streamlined user interface to your TVs and set top boxes, designed to put content front and center. It is based upon Android 5.0 Lollipop, which of course also runs on phones, tablets, set top boxes and cars via Android Auto.

Nexus Player is First Android Devices For TV

The first device that run Android is Nexus player which introduce by Google and Asus in 2014. After phones Google want to take over your TV with its Android Devices for PC but its not actually going very famous though.

Android Devices for Tv, nexus player, nexus android player, android devices for tv, nexus android player,

You can stream music, movies, and TV shows. You can play apps, and Android games on it. Also you can able to run Chromecast’s feature too.This all sound like cool huh ??? You have to find out yourself after using these Android Device for PC

Dongles and Devices Turn Your TV into Android

There are several device available in market to make your Tv an Android. You don’t need to purchase Nexus Player.These devices are very handy, those are like mini Android PC. offering a variety of USB sized dongles and wireless TV boxes to bring the Android experience to your big screen TV.

Raspberry Pi

Android Devices For TV, raspberry device for android, android for tv,

It is capable of running different linux based operating system including Android v4.4.The $35 dollar usb look alike comes with a 700 MHz ARM CPU, 512 MB RAM and VideoCore IV GPU, which supports up to 1080px screen displays. If your a programer or your friend is a linux programer than you surely use this because it needs some commands and codes for installing android in it and solving any problem you are facing in installing the OS.

Miniand MK802

The $35 dollar device contains A10 system chip. The chip contains a single core Cortex-A8 CPU clock at 1Ghz and 500 MHz AMD Z 430 GPU. It is comes in 512 MB and 1 GB DDR RAM variants and Miniand MK802 comes with 4 GB of space you can expand by 32 GB storage.

android devices for tv, miniaid android for tv,

MIniand built in Wifi and running Android 4.0, Its perfect to stream your video at 720p resolution connected to your display by a HDMI cable.

iMito MX2

Imito MX2 comes with a 1.6 Ghz dual core Cortex- A9 processor and a powerful Mali 400 MPP4 quad core GPU. you can play high resolution games, HD Videos, and high end apps. Imito MX2 has 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of internal NAND flash storage.

android devices for tv, imiato android for tv,

It has Bluetooth and Wifi receiver to connect your home network. Imito MX2 comes with Jellybean Android v4.1. This $ 65 Dollar device gives you good gaming performance and full HD videos. The addition of WIfi and Bluetooth gives it a advantage over cheaper android devices for tv.

Smartdroid TV Box

This TV box contains additional features like Ethernet LAN port, HDMI and older RCA video connections. Smartdroid Tv Box using Allwinner A10 chip and Cortex A8 processor clocked 1.2 GHz. The Smartdroid TV Box comes with 512 MB RAM and you can run Android version 4.0 has a 32 GB capacity SD memory card slot. it’s comes with additionally attached USB slot.

android devices for tv, smartdroid tv, smartdroid android tv,

Smartdroid TV comes with a remote to handle your install and running your OS and you can play games with it too. You can play games with plug Pen Drive which has android files and you can run android apps directly.

The Razer Forge TV

android devices for tv, forge for tv, android forge tv,

The Razer Forge Tv priced $99 and $ 149 dollar with gaming control. The Razer has Snapdragon 805 CPU, 16Gb internal Storage and 2Gb RAM and Adreno 420 GPU in addition of wifi and Ethernet LAN.

That’s all folks if you want any information of anything just comment below your query and gadget gyani help you.

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Android Platform For Pc | Free Download

Android Platform For Pc: Half of the population using the Android platform for their daily office work or entertainment. Now Android is part of life for people who depend on it for their daily jobs. If you have an Android phone platform than you have everything in your hand. But there is one problem Android phone has a limited battery for using all the apps simultaneously, Multitasking drains your phone’s battery very quickly then you have to sit beside charging point.

Android Platform For PC | Download & Play

Android has a very unique feature that you can fully customize your phone as you want that’s why it is making him a Phone leader. If you want to know about full custom Android Device than read about Google Aera.

android platform for pc, android platform, platform for pc, pc platform for android, android platform, android platform,

Now you want to use Android platform for pc then you can easily, there is no need to use any external device to attach your personal desktop or other accessories to attach with your motherboard just install software and you are done. There are three types of Android platform for pc are available on the internet

1. Bluestack: Android Platform For PC

Bluestack is an American Technology company that makes Bluestack app player and other cloud-based cross platforms. The BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.

android platform for pc, android platform, platform for pc , android platform for windows,

Bluestack is easy to use on your desktop or Laptop. You can run Bluestack on any platform like Windows, Macintosh or other custom platforms. Install and Play

Click Here For Download Bluestack

2. Intel® Power Gadget: Android Platform For PC

Intel Power Gadget is a software-based power usage monitoring tool enabled for Intel® Core™. It is also supported on Windows and Macintosh. It is used for your power usage for your platform and real-time processing speed.

android platform download for pc, android platform for pc, android download platform, platform for pc,

Click Here For Download Intel® Power Gadget

3. Virtual Box: Android Platform For PC

Earlier it is not possible to install multiple platforms on the system but now you can with the help of Oracle Virtual Box. It is extremely rich with advanced features and technology. You just need to Download  Oracle virtual Box and Install Android X86. After installing you can enjoy your Google Play store on your PC and your favorite apps, Games. without any fatigue.

android, platform for pc, android platform download for pc, android download platform for pc, android platform ,

Click Here for Oracle Virtual Box 

Hope you got your answer about What is Android platform for pc and how it is work. if you want to know anything else let me know I’ll help you, just comment below for your precious query. Till then happy surfing.

Android feature list, android features, features of android, android list,

Android Features List | Everything You Need to Know

These are the Best Android Features List

Android Features List : We all know android is the most buying phone in the world. Android is filled with different kinds of tools, features, and configurations. Some features are buried so deep you can’t see at your plain sight. Half of the people don’t know all of the features they can use there phone as a James Bond movie’s Gadget.

android features list, Android feature list, android features, features of android, android list,


MESSAGING: SMS and MMS including threaded text messaging and Android Cloud To Device Messaging

WEB BROWSER: You can use your android phone as an internet hub. Browse the internet as you do on your personal computer. There are apps for fast browsing.

Video Calling: You can use your android phone like a device you see in Space Odyssey: 2001 you can talk face to face on your phone.

MULTITASKING: Multitasking allows you to do different work at one time. You can run different apps, work on one app and another is working on the background.

MOVIES & GAMES: You can watch HD movies and High Definition games on your android smartphone.

There are lots of general Android features list like multiple language support, accessibility, voiced based feature, Multitouch, Screen Capture, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, Streaming Media Support, and Eternal storage, install thousands of apps Etc.

New Android Features List of Lollipop 5.0

android features list, android feature list, android features, lollipop feature list, android feature list,

Lollipop is a new upgraded version of Android Jellybean 4.4. There are some of the best-upgraded versions of features in Android Lollipop.

  • Lollipop is more than your phone and tablet, Android your watch, TV and Even your Car.
  • Now you can pick up where you left off, songs, movies office work even recent searches from your one device immediately enjoyed on your other android smart device.
  • Touch response is now is like fluid flow. When touching the screen and working on android device is like you are rubbing your hand on a sexy body of a model.
  • With Lollipop, your tablet shows your inbox alongside the message that you have open, while your watch shows new emails as they arrive
  • In lollipop, there is more time to play and enjoy movies and time to charge a battery.
  • At last, now there is more method to secure your device and data.
  • A brand new system-managed digesting line termed RenderThread retains animated graphics clean even though you will discover delays mainly UI line.

For More Detailed feature Go Here

Upcoming Android Features List of Marshmallow

Android mobile phone Marshmallow is not a change of all you could idea anyone understood regarding Android mobile phone. Rather, it’s a is purified as well as the expansion of the core features as well as the efficiency of Android mobile phone Lollipop.

You Can read detailed Android Features list of Marshmallow Here

 Hidden Android Features List You Don’t Know About

There are lots of hidden feature features you can’t imagine you can do with your Android device. Go Here for more Details.

Hope you like it if you have any kind of question regarding anything comment below and let me know I can help you.

find lost android phone

Find Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Find Lost Android Phone : The International Mobile Equipment Identity is a number your GSM phone or you can say a number name of a GSM phone The IMEI number usually use in when your phone is lost. It is use by your GSM network provider to identify your Android Device or your GSM phone for stopping from invalid use of the find lost phone.

For Example if your phone is lost than you have to call your network provider to block your phone , He will ask for your Phone’s IMEI number after rendering your report your GSM network provider company blacklisted your phone and it will not work on the any network. Now robber did not use it but yes he can use it as a camera and a ipod or playing games. One thing is sure that he cannot use for calling purpose .He Cannot use internet in your device because when he use it you can locate your phone easily How to locate your phone when your internet is on Click Here

find lost android phone, lost android, android lost phone, find lost phone, find lost android, find phone by IMEI number,

How to Find Lost Android Phone by IMEI Number

Knowing your IMEi number is very important because it will help you to find your phone and locate phone’s destination.You can find your phone’s IMEI number on back of your phone’s battery or you can diel *#06# and get IMEI number on phone screen 

There is another term which known as MEID- Mobile Equipment Identifier same as IMEi number. You have to know your IMEI number of your phone because it is a basic need for finding of locate your lost phone. one thing i forget to mention, other way to find your IMEI number is in your Phone bill and on your phone box.

Track Your Lost Android Phone

If you not installed any tracking app than by Android Lost facility of installing remote app can be used to install tracking app. Which give you the location of your previous phone ,you can also control your phone If you not have you IMEI number you can also get your number by using SMS service through tracking app. After getting location and IMEI number.find lost phone

You can also locate your Phone if you know you IMEI number LOOKUP  or TRACKME 


  • Report the theft to the police
  • Keep document of you police report because you need these during process
  • Only your GSM network provider to track your phone there no other way to find your lost phone by IMEI number because they use high end tracking equipment for the process you cant afford and use they only use by hackers or the police 

If you getting any problem to get your phone you can tell me i’ll help you i have different method to locate your phone just comment below . Nothing is impossible. Till than bye and take care your phone.

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Android Website App Source Code |Best List

Android Website App Source Code Free Download

i was searching for Android Website app source code for your projects or for your practise and find some useful projects for you. You want to make an app for your website or for your business or any purpose your easily make your app in your own android phone.

Youi see android give us a wide area to play, learn and create your own stuff with their tool and you can also make your own tool to make your app easily and user friendly

android website app source code, Android-Applications, The Android Source Code, Android Source Code, source code,

The Android Source Code

In The worlds of Google Android The Android Source COde is

Android is an open source software stack created for a wide array of devices with different form factors. The primary purposes of Android are to create an open software platform available for carriers, OEMs, and developers to make their innovative ideas a reality and to introduce a successful, real-world product that improves the mobile experience for users.

We also wanted to make sure there was no central point of failure, where one industry player could restrict or control the innovations of any other. The result is a full, production-quality consumer product with source code open for customization and porting.

Sources : Android Developer 

Click Here For Download Android Website App Source Code Full Bundle 

This Android Website App Source Code Zip Folder contains

  • Android Smash Game App Full Source Code
  • Android Bands App Full Source Code
  •  Android Business Profile App Full Source Code
  •  Android Calculator Free and Paid Version in 1
  • Android DoodleIt App Full Source Code
  • Android Music Player App Full Source Code
  • Android Car Solution App Full Source Code and many more

Thanks for time and if you want other website android code than tell me in comment below i’ll help you what you want . Till than Bye TC

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Android Website Development Top 10 Apps free Download

After wasting to much time on internet i got these awesome Android Website Development Apps you can use them for your website and make your website beautiful and responsive.

I was able to find apps for just about every aspect of web development from the web server itself to an FTP client to move the files, to a source code viewer that lets you view the source code on any web page, and analytics tools to allow  to analyse your website.

Best Android Website Development Apps Download Free

Its obvious that web coding is not for smartphone, its work fine only on desktop or Laptop but few accessories make easy android web development easy on smartphone also.There are lots of app on Google Play Store that would be best suitable for you here are some lsit for web development that need in your Android.

WordPress For Android 

Its puts power in your hand to manage every aspect of your work in your site Its easy to create and consume contents. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site,check stats, and its open source.

Visit the forums for more help with the app:

android website, website for android, android development, android developments apps, apps for development website, website development i android,
WordPress Working Are Just like PC



With Blogger for Android you can:

  1. Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish,
  2. Edit you older posts
  3. View list of your saved, draft and published posts
  4.  Switch account/blog if you have more than one account
  5. Embed an image from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app
  6.  Add labels to your posts enhance the quality of post
  7. Add location information as you want.

With the Blogger app for Android, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

website development tool, blogger for android, website development for android, android website development,


VT View Source

This application can be used to view the HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML sources of webpages.It supports different syntax highlighting themes, adjustable colors, line numbers, text wrapping, in-source active links, mobile and desktop browser modes.

website development apps for android, website development app, website development android, android website development


Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker’s keyboard provides a full 5-row desktop-like experience with multiple layouts and language options.There is nothing wrong using Hacker’s Keyboard for your Website Development

ansroid development apps, android website develop,ment apps, free download android website development apss,



Access your all information about your website by using google analytics . In this app you can see your daily page view of the post unique visitor , user behaviour, demographic condition of your individual post.

android development apps, download website development apps, deveopment apps, website development apps,



Kws is very light weight web server you can use for your web development basic need.Android Website Development

– Basic authentication for secure web access
– S.S.I. (Server side includes)
– Directory index
– Directory downloads in tar, tgz & zip formats
– Resumable file downloads etc.

kws webserver, android develpoment apps, website development apps,


ConnectBot SSH Clientt

android webdevelopment apps, android apps, android developments,

ConnectBot is a powerful open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications. Android Website Development



webmaster lite, webmaster android app, android apps, android web development apps,

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite – HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS editor for web developers.This app also support undo and redo features, build in virtual keyboard and key phrases.



android apps, android development apps, android aps, android website development tools,

Insert,Edit,Delete table rows on UI
Support landscape
Remotely connect to Mysql server
Export to HTML and CSV, Query Builder, Android Website Development


Hope you get what you searching , if not than tell me i will give any app you want free of coast and with full license. Till than happy Website Development.

template for android, android website template download, download android template website, android website template,

Android Website Templates Top 10 Download Free

Best Free Download Android Website Templates | WordPress | Blogger

A great way to display your work and company is a website or you want to display your work than a mobile app very helpful in managing your work online.Android Website Templates free to download here. we collected from entire world of internet tthe best list you can use in your android website development and after using these templates your website become one of the best best website available on internet


Stickers mobi was designed for complete blogging experience with code view, ordered list, unordered list, definition list and blockquote.Stickers mobi supports iphone, android and all high end touch mobile devices.

Android Website Templates, android template download, free template download for android, android template free, free android template,
Sources :

Playlist Mobi

Playlist Mobi is the name of this template. the user interface got very clean design with a blog, grid, list and some login and sign up forms.

Android Website Templates, download android website template, android template, android website template, template download for android
Sources :

Gringo Mobi

Its a mobile version of Gringo. its supports almost every mobile with the use of simple coding make our mobile templates very unique. It even fits in a big screen mobile phone like iPhone, android and high end touch mobile devices.

Android Website Templates, android template download, download template for android , android website template,
Source :

Northern Lights HTML Template

Premium Mobile Web Template [HTML5, CSS3] which is perfectly designed and developed for your business website.

Ready to use HTML pages, Customization is really very easy, no technical knowledge required…

Android Website Templates, template for android, android website template download, download android template website, android website template,


Portfolio mobi

Today’s mobile template is for portfolio. which have great contrast of colors, feel free to customize. We would like see your work via comment

Android Website Templates, template for android, android website template, template dwonload for template, android website download,
souces :


Hope you like it all of this if you want more than you can Go Here .Don’t forget to share and comment what you think about it good, bad disgusting anything tell me what you thing.

android device, android website design, android website, android app, android design app,

Android Website Design How to Make Web Designe

Android Website Design : Now half of the world using Android phone , using its feature for fun and enjoyment and even for business purpose. you won’t believe but its true 40% of the company work on there smartphone and in smartphone they are using Android.

Why You Have to Make Android Website Design For your Website

android device, android website design, android website, android app, android design app,

So you wanna make a android website design for your desktop website. You have to be because lots of people now using Android devices. So your website should be phone responsive website to make it work better . that’s why big houses make there website mobile responsive and a different app for mobile user so they work better without scroling enough down to search their query.

Its the demand of the market that you should make your website mobile responsive otherwise user don’t want to work on a stone age website design, in which you have to scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to go to bottom and than scrolling back to go on header , user don’t have much time  to do that. He want everything fast  in a matter of seconds , he wants results. So  your website should be android friendly and android device friendly

How to Make Android Website Design

Creating a website design on Android is so easy. You will enjoy making smartphone responsive website for Android Device. You can download app from Google Play Store to make own Android Website Design 

Download Website Builder for Android on Google Play

Free Online Android Website Design Websites

Or you can build your own Android Website design online . its easy and free . Some of them also provide free web hosting Like this Website

  1. Android Website Design 
  2. Free web and mobile app prototyping

Hope you get your answer if not than ask me i’l tell comment your query and i’ll help you and search your answer on the dark web yes i can take risk for your question just let me know. Till than bye and make someone smile 🙂

android, android device manager, device manager for android,

What is an Android Device Phone

What is an Android Device phone ??? If you looking answer to this question then you are very few of them who want to explore the world of Android.

What is an Android Device Phone

Android Device phone, android, android device manager, android device manager phone, device manager,

Android device: Android an American company, Google which makes a mobile operating system called Android, Simply we can say it is the windows 10 of the phone. It commonly comes installed in many of smartphone and tablet from the phone manufacturing companies. Google also offers the users to use there own services like Google Search, Youtube, Maps, Gmail and many more.

Many users just buy an Android phone and run it without knowing how they work, How the Android OS work, How GPS work in the smartphone. Well, some of don’t care what is an Android Device and how they work. They just want to do work and entertain themselves and there associate with sharing pics, videos, and taking selfies.

What Can Android Device Phone Do

Android Device phone, android, android device manager, device manager for android,

Android is a highly customizable device and you can customize as you wish that’s they called a smartphone.

  • you can change the wallpaper, themes, and different types of launcher.
  • you can also make your own theme and install in your device.
  • You can download apps, that do anything you want beside having sex. Apps like office make your device like an office and work anywhere you want.
  • Facebook app, now you can chat, check your profile, your timeline and chat with your buddy. Manage your bank account.
  • order online
  • play high graphics 3D games.
  • You can Plan Your Weekend with Android Device and reminder help your day to manage.
  • You can do tons of things with your Android you just to think differently and you have to free to use all things can Android do, all day.
  • The best feature in Android Phone is that you can back up your data online automatically.

Actual Definition of What is an Android Device Phone

For the nerds the actual definition of android Device Manager phone

An Android device is a device that runs on the Android operating system. Android is an array of software intended for mobile devices that features an operating system, core applications and middleware. An Android device may be a smartphone, tablet PC, e-book reader or any type of mobile device that requires an OS.

Sources: Techopedia

In so much little time Android make his reputation as a king in the world of smartphone. there are many other OS of the Phone like Windows, IOs 7, Blackberry, but Android hmm. Android nailed all the OS

I hope you get your answer on What is an Android Device Phone. Comment for your query and share this important information about Android. Till then bye.

For further information visit the official site of Android