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Android Lost Phone App Free

Securing you android device from stolen, lost is matter to you most. whether you leave at your friend’s or in a cab or at stranger place and most terrified place is you girlfriend’s home. anyone steal your data and gives you the big damage to your life and your girlfriends see what is in your phone then your life could have been ruined. Android Lost Phone App Free.

Some of The Best Android Lost Phone App Free Download

But there’s no reason to panic because there are vast number of apps available in Google Play Store and some of them already installed in your smartphone that make sure your precious is properly secured.

Android Lost Phone App Free, android lost, android device manager, android , android lost phone app, android lost,

Along with the Google Security Tips you can look some method to save you android device and get some protection from data deletion and data lost.

LOOKOUT Gives You Some More

If you are searching for a app that do lot more thing beside track your phone than Lookout is best app you ever have. With you registered email you can see your backup data and manage your android device in

Android Lost Phone App Free, android phone lost, android device, android, android lost, smartphone lost,

Lookout has app scanning for security of your device over the air protection from viruses, malware spyware etc. You can locate & stream, map the location of your device and make it sound an alarm even when your device is silent. It also automatically save your location when the battery is low. Android Lost Phone App Free

Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus far more cheaper and free than Lookout. if you are looking for free app than Cerberus is here. Cerberus got his name after the greek mythology three headed dog name Cerberus and also you seen in you Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s Stone. It can lockdown your smartphone if you loose your phone. Android Lost Phone App Free

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It hide the app icon and in application setting so anyone cant disable it. Its so cool right. You can set a loud alarm even when phone on silent mode. You can also remote control through Website Cerberus or remote control through Sms.

Android Device Manager

Android Lost Phone App Free, android device manager, android lost phone app, android lost app, android, android device, android lost,

Android Device Manager app provide by Android and it is pre installed in your android device you need to on your Android device manager before using it. But if you lost you smartphone than no worry you can remotely access your phone and turn it on for full information about Android Device Manager Visit Here.

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Find Lost Android phone Without Internet

Lost Android Phone can be easily tracked by mainly using two ways. You can use Android Device Manager to track android phone or you can use anti-theft apps to locate it. but anti-theft must be already installed on your android smartphone before it gets lost. In Android device manager you need to have few things completed before you lost it. But you want to find lost android phone without internet. lets see if this can happen or not.

How Find lost Android Phone Without Internet

find lost android phone without internet, lost phone, android device lost, android, android device,

There are something you don’t have an idea that you can find android phone without internet. How it is possible, i mean whats the possible way to connect your other to your lost smartphone.

You cannot track the other devices without those devices reporting back their locations somehow digitally. The GPS system is read only – GPS receivers don’t send their locations back to the GPS system.

Android phones can acquire location over GPS while in airplane mode – so they can track their own location without network. But to report that data, they must then transmit their data somehow – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, digitizing and sending it over a call, a text message, etc.

Matt Laroche, Android app developer

1. the pure meaning of “GPS” is a radio receiver that receives signals from GPS satellites, anddo the necessary math to know where the satellites are, which ones to look for, and produce a set of coordinates and error margins (horizontal and vertical) depending on how many satellites are visible. This is a standalone chip, that requires nothing more than power, and of course something to receive this data (the OS, which will then forward it to the apps). No internet is required at all.

2. to obtain a faster “fix” on the GPS signal, or to get some approximate location based on other information, a lot of extra functionality may exist to complement GPS – GSM cells around, WiFi networks, A-GPS radio signal that may come from earth stations or even from the GSM signal. This allows to have some approximate coordinate (or even a quite good one, if enough WiFi networks exists around), but it’s just a complement to GSM. Some of these require internet connection, some don’t, some may use some cached information (the infamous “OMG devices are tracking everywhere I go” file)

3. After you get the location information on your app, it’s up to you to do something with it.
If your question is if GPS requires internet, the answer is no.
If your question is after obtaining the GPS coordinates how can you track the device, the answer is an obvious “you’ll need to push the coordinates out of the device and into your tracking system”. Other answers already mentioned alternative methods to the internet, using signalling on the GSM network, or even just doing it snail-mail style (take the SD card out)

Bruno D. Rodrigues, Doing mobile applications since J2ME

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Android Lost Phone App

Losing your Smartphone is more frightened experience in the modern world.You have your contact information, your personal data and files, your personal pictures, and secret financial data. It’s definitely scary but there is something you can do about this problem. One of the most common Google searches is “ android lost phone app ” and with these Android apps you’ll be able to find your phone very quickly.

Best of 3 Android Lost Phone App Download

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Please note that the only really good way to find your smartphone is if you have something already installed Android lost phone app in your Android device. Make sure you have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. There are lost of Companies out there who is working on how to track your phone and to find it. so here are The top 3 Android lost phone app


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AntiDroidTheft is free simple anti theft app which let you trace your phone via GPS, track changes made in the SIM card and view picture that have taken by the smartphone all of them through internet. Here’s some information coverage on how the Android app actually helped a user get his stolen phone.

Family Locator

As the name describe the app’s nature of the work, Family locater simplifies life in the world by making it easy to connect with your family and friends and who matter most in your life. You can create your own circles of groups of loved ones teammate and family members.

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Receive real time alert when circle membre arrives at or leave destination. Thats help you to find your and your teammate phones if got lost. Family Tracker offers real time location data so you can track your children to where they are headed to.

Android Device Manager

android device manager, android lost phone app, android lost app, android, android device, android lost,

At last but not the least android device manager is the best android app for stolen or lost android devices. Android device manager is compatible with all version of Android Operating System. There are 2 Simple steps to track your phone :-
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone.

You can read more About Android Device Manager

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Android Features Vs Iphone Features

Google and Apple are top leaders in smartphone industries, but the open nature of Android just means it can do things others just can’t do. There are many features that iphone has and their also many features in Android. So how you gonna find which is best ?? There is one way to do that , find what are you looking for , what thing are you comfortable with and next thing you know you got what you want.Android Features Vs Iphone Features

Top 10 Android Features Vs IPhone Features to Find Which is Better

Android Features Vs Iphone Features, android features list, android features, iphone features list, iphones features, iphone, android, android device,

I think Android is gonna win in this battle. well lets see who is gonna win. So here’s our list of the ten features you just can’t get, no way, no how, on a jailbroken or non-jailbroken device.Android Features Vs Iphone Features

User Interface

iOS and Android both use touch interfaces that have a lot in common – swiping, tapping and pinch-and-zoom. Both operating systems boot to a homescreen, which is similar to a computer desktop. but in iOS home screen only contains rows of app icons and Android allows the use of widgets, which display auto-updating information such as weather and email, lot more other stuff that you can customize.

USB OTG (on-the-go)

With a limited storage in all smartphone there is no way to store anything you want. That’s why The OTG feature on lots of Android phones allows you to simply connect a pen drive to your smartphone. But in Iphone you can connect a Pendrive , you cant even expand its memory. its comes in 2 variant 32 GB or 64 GB. That is lot more space but not more than Android has.


The Iphone Touch ID fingerprint sensor makes bypassing the annoying lock screen.but in android phone there is always a gesture code or passcode to open your phone. Lots of ANdroid phone has smart lock feature but this time Iphone wins the battle.

Custom Home Launchers

While iPhone users can customize their home screen quite a little bit if they’ve unlock it, they don’t allow the kind of customization that you can do on Android with custom home launchers. Third party launchers can add all extra features to their home screens of your device, like gestures, different kinds of shortcuts.


You have big weather widget on hone screen and you can see feature on the go. Well it take some space but it will add some time to your busy schedule.  If you’ve unlock your iphone, you can get widget-like apps but you can only put them on your lock screen, not the actual home screens that you’re always swiping through.

Make a Phone Call

Your favorite contacts are appear much better in Android.But facetime is the Iphone’s killer feature.


Android’s Keyboard is still lot more better than iphone  because you can use third part Keyboard apps to use on your smartphone and type in any language you want, but in Iphone you have to struck with only One keyboard.

 Usage Of Apps

Google Play Store and Apple App Store both have fantastic app stores but Android is far more superior at organizing apps. Android let you put important stuff on home screen and hide. But in Iphone you cant do that.

Music / Podcast

Apple has Apple music which has no free options to purchase a song but integrates impressively well with your ITunes downloads.

Talk to Phone

Android’s Voice assistant types as you talk and work works offline too but Siri has a fun personality and understands natural language better than Android so we can say this time Siri wins the battle.For full battle see here

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Android Technology PPT, android, android device, android device ppt, android device features ppt

Android Technology PPT | 2016

Android is become fastest growing os those days. every one love to have his own smartphone with android os as the company provide the lots of features in cheap price and with name of big brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc. with may features. Here, we will share few android technology ppt with for free download with easy and best way.

Free Android Technology PPT

you can download easily few best technology android ppt from here with best presentation which we have collected from limited sources. In these presentations for android technology you will come to know few basic but most important knowledge about android history, features, basics, privacy, market strategy, Security, Advantages- disadvantages and other which will guide you.

Or you can read more Here.

Download Android Technology PPT Slides

Android Technology PPT, android, android device, android device ppt, android device features ppt

Android is an open source that is the source code is easily available for development. It is the first open source, customizable operating system of mobile development. it contain the complete set of coding like OS, middleware and all components up hierarchy. Android was built from the bottom layer to top most development where developers can make their own apps to play and work with in his Android Smartphone or Android Operating System. Android is so user friendly that any user can fully utilize its all features and applications.


Android Framework

To write a application in android the developer need to understand the building codes of of the source. the building source code are the main key factors for any application or product that contain product service. Now the Android technology come here and do there job to develop apps and the whole system.


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Android Features PDF File Download

There are lots of features in Android device with you can do anything online or offline. Now we are discussing some of them below and provide you the Android Features PDF file for download.

Android Features PDF File

The basic features are like email, surfing internet like you did on desktop or laptop. General features like voice based feature in which you can search anything through voice, Voice actions for calling, texting, navigation, etc. are supported on Android 2.2, Android Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat, Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow.

When you have to do multitasking it is hard even on computer but now after smartphone coming to market you can do multitasking fast as computer


Android Features PDF File, features list, android, android device features list, android devices features,

Download Android Features PDF File

You are thinking why android is in demand so much, well it is because android is a more compatible and customizable Operating System. Word Android is defined as a robot with human appearance or also we can say humanoid. Android is a Operating System based on Linux kernel made for touch screens and Tablets. The main thing about Android that it is Customizable you can do whatever you want to do with your android also users can make their own app to run in Android phone, also allows to access the data and services to the party by using Google Play Store.


The latest versions of all is newly available in Nexus 6P, Marshmallow v6.0. Which far more upgraded form of its previous preceder Lollipop v5.0. The version are based on API levels as for these android SDK ( software Development Kit ) used for installation. The API levels are decide uniquely and internationally.

Android is categorized in Alpha and Beta Versions. The Android Version was Cupcake after Cupcake, Donut than Eclair and than froya and list goes on stop ar Marshmallow.

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Android Device Manager for Windows 7

Android Device manager give you the ability to manage and full control on everything on Android device from your computer without any limitation and if there is is any limitation than you supposed to be use another software for work. now we are sharing here some of the popular and worldwide android device manager for windows 7

Android Device Manager for Windows 7

You want to manage your android device phone or you want android manager for your android tablet than you have to find The One software for all which can let you share files, contacts gallery, apps, calendar, messaging, email, games and just anything between your PC and Android smartphone. Don’t freak out i am going to let you know a powerful software which can do all of above works.


Android Device Manager Windows 7, Android Device Manager for Windows 7, android device manager, android device, android, android smartphone, download android device manager, windows 7,

Mobogenie is so powerful that it can make your Android life easy and pleasurable. it can do all of works  that i mention above. To connect your android device with Mobogenie you must have USB debugging mode enabled on you smartphone and then it will automatically connect.

Star with Mobogenie you have to consider some of the below mentioned point to work with ease and without any mistake.

Backup Your Data

whatever you do with your android device always make a backup of your data , if any thing is gone wrong you can restore don’t need to install apps on your android smartphone you can directly install it from Mobogenie. Click the button to Download the software



Android Device Manager Windows 7, Android Device Manager for Windows 7, android device manager, android device, android, android smartphone, download android device manager, windows 7,

Moborobo is another android pc suit to use your android device. you can use it as your personal butler for android smartphone. you can manage, add, delete, edit your contacts messages, apps, your data or anything else let the moborobo know and first thing you know you are done with the struggle you facing before.

Remember before using Moborobo, enable the “Unknown Sources”  from your “settings”. because installing from any other source is at your own risk and implies that you know what you are doing.


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Fastest Android Phone in The World | 2016

Everybody want fastest android phone in the world, but you have to pay more than a LED or HDTV. Today everything is fast or we can say the world is going very fast and in this fast life you have to be fast and you can do fast work with your smartphone and now Google’s android going to make fastest Android phone in world actually they made NEXUS 6.

Fastest Android Phone in The World iphone 6s Vs. Nexus 6

Apple’s iphone 6s is world’s fastest phone as they bragging and Google also claim that Nexus 6s is fastest Android phone in the world but there are more smartphone companies that claim their phone is the fastest android phone.

We are here share a table to explain which phone has is fastest phone in the world.

fastest android phone in world, android,fastest phone, fastest android,

New Entry From Huawei Mate 8

fastest android phone in world, android,fastest phone, fastest android,

Huawei Mate 8 claim they made fastest smartphone in the world event the iphone 6s, thanks to its own rapid charging, which is compliant with the Qualcomm standard. (Huawei uses its own electronics here). The company says it’s more frugal than rival ‘Droids, and should go for “2.36 days” between charges, with heavy users getting over a day and a half. Given the battery weighs in at 4000mAh, that should be feasible. The fast charge purportedly fills 37 per cent in half an hour.
The Mate 8 is the first Huawei to ship with Marshmallow V6.0. However, it’s larger than the Mate S, and it represents a break with the Mate 7’s boxy design language. The main difference with the S is that it’s larger, and incorporates a 6-inch diagonal IPS panel. The 8’s display is brighter, but side-by-side.

Huawei’s going for value with the Mate 8, the bezels are very thin, and the metal case has the same curved design as the S, making it comfortable to hold. Huawei’s fingerprint sensor, as with the Nexus 6P it built for Google, is circular rather than er, “squircular”. The camera sensor is a 16MP unit sourced from Sony.

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My Android Devices List

Now Android is the major operating system in smartphone industries and Google always tried to give their latest technology to their customers. Every day Google Android come up with a new updated version of service and added new option to their system. One of them is managing your android devices list, everyone searching my android devices list. Now we are sharing some of the methods, you can see your android device list.

Access All of Your Devices My Android Devices List

If you are using Android smartphone and other internet connected system, than it is sure your google account is connected to all of your devices. Google’s new security dashboard will help you  track all of you android devices.

my android devices list, android device manager, android device, android,

Launched in 2014 the new “Devices and Activity Dashboard” buried within your google account’s security settings you the full access to your google account for last last 28 days. This function catches the last time you accessed and where it was accessed from.

Access My Android Devices list by Android Device Manager

my android devices list 2, android devices list, android devices, android device manager, android devices, android, android google,

Go to Google Security dashboard and you find your all android devices, my Google account including a Xolo Prime, samsung Galaxy Note II, Arya A1+, Windows, Mac, just a few of them.

If you see any suspicious activity, a link on top lets you quickly add and edit your security settings including change your password and as well as recovery and 2-step verification settings which allows user to full control on your android devices.

How to Use Android Device Manager

Remove Your Old Android Device from My Android Devices List

If you are not happy with any of the details on the list than click on them for a few more details such as when it was last logged in and something it’ll reveal device’s location and their is also a remove button in the list that allows you to disconnect your account remotely as well.

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Android Device Manager For Mac | Transfer Data

Half of the computer user population use iMac but beside using iPhone they use Android smartphone for there work . Now Android is using by every 2nd person in the smartphone user world. It’s kind of funny people who use mac for computer but for smartphone they prefer Android Device manager for mac.

Android Device Manager For Mac

android device manager for mac, android device manager, android for mac, mac android, android mac,

On windows manage your android device is easy but on MAC it is bit of difficult. you have to download third party software than you have to install in it and after running the software you have to choose what file or what kind of thing you want to do with your Android by using MAC Here we are providing you Android Device Manager for Mac download i your Mac and star using it

Macintosh Android Device Manager

An official tool from google Android provide you the flexibility to manage your Android Device


Download  After Downloading the app

  • Open androidfiletransfer.dmg.
  • Drag and drop Android File Transfer to Applications.
  • Connect the USB cable that came with your Android device and connect it to your Mac.
  • Double click Android File Transfer.
  • Browse the files and folders on your Android device and copy files up to 4 GB.


If you want to Manage your Android files and don’t have USB cable than a wifi based app is going to be very usefull for you. Droid NAS gives the flexibility to use.In a few click you can make new folders including entire SD card.


After installing Droid NAS in your Android Smartphone

  • Run app in your smartphone
  • Than press CMD+K in finder and enter IP address and share
  • like this :- smb://IP_ADDRESS:Port/Share

For Example:-  smb:// Card

Here’s what this look like

android device manager for mac, android dice manager, android, android for mac,

it’s a lot slower than Android File Transfer’s wired connection. But if you’d choose not around with wires, it’s a good way to do that.

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